Life has to change; And it changes with Him


These two days of Playmax has really been an eye opener for me, it’s really mind blowing to see how God works within the hearts and minds of not only pre-believers, but also the believers. It’s the very first time that I have been to Playmax, beforehand I went playmax with the mindset of just to share the gospel, but I was so wrong.

I realized playmax is not just an opportunity for the pre-believers to gain God’s grace, but also for the believers to be reminded and blessed for what we have. As we were explaining on both of the days, I truly felt that it is also a “count your blessings” session and I felt as we were sharing, we were really reminded of what we have as a Christian–our treasures in heaven, the riches that we gain spiritually, and being blessed as a child of God. 

As the performance and skid was staged, I began to tear when they started talking about eternal life. I don’t know why it hit me, but then I realized this performance is not only to aid the pre-believers in receiving Jesus, but also to aid and remind the believers who were turning away from God; or the believers that have been so accustomed to this “Christian life”, that they become numb to it, or they find it mundane.

As a child of God, I confess I have been guilty many times of being a “Sunday Christian” where we only appear holy on Sunday but carry on with our own way of living during other normal weekdays. The church sermons, the worship songs, the benediction–we have been so numb to it; the phrase “Jesus died on the cross for our sins” was said soooooo many times such that our ears become used to it; it was never a big deal as when we just received Christ because we heard it so many times over.

But why? Why aren’t we constantly grateful and thankful for what Jesus really did for us?

But when we are sharing and we witness a different ending in real life for our friends, wow. We can see for ourselves clearly what we could have missed out and what kind of consequences we would face. The thought just scares me. Playmax 4 is definitely a great reminder for me, mingling with your pre-believing friends; you will never know what you’ve gained in Him unless you looked at people’s losses.

Its really sad no one really deserves eternal life. But “The Game Changer: change your ending” brought better links to everything. If we are so determined to change our ending in the game: be in Raiders, resistance, agents, architects (there are 4 endings), then what more our lives? But if Christ Jesus died and took our place even though we didn’t deserve it, and His love for us already gone to that extend; all we have to do is to believe and accept it, would we then choose to change our ending?

I’m really glad I got to work with Esther, Manfred, Denise and Cassia to help spread the gospel. How amazing it is that God chooses to use us, broken and dirty human beings that sin against Him, to glorify Him in the end. God is so powerful, He could have done everything on His own but He gave us the joy or serving Him to the fullest instead.

Life has to change, and it changes with Him.

Thumbs up for Playmax 4!

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