Turning Legal (Part 3)

Hi guys! 

So I’ve finally decided how much I miss writing and I want to take some time off for blogging. I knew I had a lot of long overdue posts like the Bintan trip, the Thailand trip, alive museum and more so I’ll try to finish it in case I still have some faithful readers.

One of the most amazing things that happened to me this year was my 18th birthday. I had one of the most heartwarming and blessed birthdays and its really delighting to see my loved ones turn up for my party. 

So if you did come, scroll through the pictures and see if you can find any picture of yourself enjoying at my party! I’m sorry these pictures took so late as my dad took soooo many of them and then we had to process them.

Bimbotism at its finest hahah and sorry oops stomach exposed

Alright let’s take a proper one
 Oops this doesn’t look that proper at all
I know THIS CAME SO LATE but finally took some time off to blog cuz school’s not that hectic yet. I celebrated my birthday in the function room of NV residences, Dexter’s condo. A pity Dexter didnt turn up cuz he was sick; but it was a great place…simple function room, nothing too fancy, but better company. 

For those wondering, I don’t really do parties because they’re really glamorous, requires a lot of planning and I really prefer to keep my birthdays simple and low profile. So this was one of the rarest times my family decided to throw me a party and my dad sort of insisted so I’m lucky they just managed to work everything out and I’m just so blessed to have many loving friends that voluntarily helped out joyfully. Hmmm…I don’t think I’m doing a party next year nor am I doing one for my 21st I guess…no fancy party cuz honestly, I think I’m just really contented to have my family, friends and boyfriend with me; knowing they’re healthy and happy.

Even though that’s the case, I still want to talk about my party and hopefully, you guys can find a few “party” tips and yup, enjoy reading my sharing! 🙂
My churchies came with me after church to decorate and do up the place together. The earliest people to reach were just my family, my emcees, Charlene (helping me do the music) and a few of my really really close friends doing up the decor. Afterwards, I would say the earlier bunch of people who came was Celia, Edmund, Iris and Melvin. 

Decor: This is the huge cabinet at the side of the function room where we could really make use of and brighten up the place and atmosphere a little bit. The whole function room was facing pool, and people were joking before my party to dunk and throw people into the pool LOL. I consider the function room to be really open concept where all around us were just glass panels (doors and windows) and everyone outside could literally see my party…in the end we just collected my presents and placed it on the cabinet so it looks really pretty! 
Programme of the day:
-Cut cake
-Photo taking

So happy to see her!!!!

Melvin. It’s really sad Liang kuang (and some of my other OSIP mates couldn’t make it because all the guys were joking about suiting up?? To my party lol.) I guess the OSIP trips were one of my turning points in my friendship life too…really made a lot of new friends whom I could clique with etc. I guess only people who have been to OSIP know what I mean haha. It’s this really special bond because you’ve spent 2 weeks with these amazing bunch of people and before you know it, its just ZOOM and 2 weeks over. 

I’ll talk about the food! The most important part of the party is food right? Wrong, its the people haha. But anyway, I was in Thailand when my parents ordered the buffet for me and I’m very grateful they literally took care of everything (no I’m not spoiled) but they really took great care to make sure the food is halal (for my muslim friends) and that the reviews are good. I hoped everyone enjoyed the food. xx


As a host I was going from table to table checking if everyone is alright and asking them if the food was nice and if they wanted more. I really hope everyone enjoyed and that I did my best because I was really uptight about this the day before! I know I heard some feedbacks that people were usually gathering and hanging out in their own cliques and its really awkward for people, but I believe it won’t be awkward unless you’re awkward! 🙂 I tried to invite groups and groups of people precisely because I wanted people to be comfortable in their cliques and stay in their comfort zone if they didn’t really feel like venturing out. xx

Our main table! Edmund, Celia, Janessa and Evan are really a bunch of joys I couldn’t live without. I really wished I could sit with everyone…

people: the people who were there are people I really loved and treasured, everyone literally had special places in my heart and you might know me from school, church, whatever, I don’t care! I love all of you no matter how close are we and it doesn’t matter how frequent we talk. I think my only regret was that 4 of my very good friends: sumin, Jingwen, Julia and Yeeyen wasn’t at my party. I’m sure they would really complete the party and make it really perfect and their presence would all the more make a difference.

These speech sessions were the most touching because it was very nostalgic, many of my childhood stories were told and I hope everyone felt the warmth in my family I wish so much to share! I think growing up is really a process worth reminiscing and I’m glad my emcees added in this “dedication” programme and include all my childhood friends that were part of my life. As for the rest, I’m really honoured to have you guys here with me to listen and to really, see how much I’ve grown as a person because I’ve always believed all my friends bring out the best in me. 

Get ready for the selfies of my two jokers.

Alright. The cake must have a feature because its too good. I had so many people coming up to me and Thalia on the day itself telling us how well done it was! It’s earl grey lavender.

We decided not to hire a events management package where they’ll do everything for you (including decor and emcees and food), mainly because I wanted it to be a really private gathering without any outsiders so that it’ll be really laid-back. Especially when emcees, they’re my own good speaking friends I’ve known & really treasure. They were the ones who really did up the script and planned the games gosh I’m so thankful because my theme for the party is really homely (something like Taylor’s 1989 secret sessions??? hahah), and it was just a really heartwarming time with lots of food, games and sharing and heartfelt speeches. 

1989 secret sessions style (???!!)

1989 secret sessions style (???!!)
1989 secret sessions style (???!!)
I guessed I’ve learnt so much about myself all in one day. I remember weeks before I turned 18 my mum sat me down for a long talk on maturity and its really time to grow up; I guess I lost myself many times, but I’m glad I’m found.
1989 secret sessions style (???!!)

1989 secret sessions style (???!!)

My 18th birthday speech was so impromptu, sadly I couldn’t remember it now because its been months; but it’s definitely an emotional experience for me & I couldn’t wait to say thank you to every single one of you, infinite “iloveyou”s and a thousand sorries.

My childhood friends, my primary school friends, my secondary school friends, my CCA mates, my churchies, my parents, my relatives and lastly my very very own lovely boyfriend. and just….thank you so so much
you have no idea how overwhelming it was for me to see all of you there and I had a really teary time reading all your personal heartfelt handwritten letters, imagining you guys penning down all the memories we shared, and not forgetting some awesome texts too. Thanks for the gifts too, but the greatest gift of all is that you guys are always by my side when I’m down and out; …I can count on you…like 4,3,2…you’ll be there….
To the sweetest friends—especially Jan and Evan since you’re are forever super busy in JC, THANK YOU for always being a part of my birthday and taking your time off to celebrate for me despite your crazy schedule!!

Also not forgetting mum and dad for arranging for the buffet and stuff. You’re great too! I’m thankful because you guys (along with my 3 emcees) definitely did most of the planning for my party.
And for everyone else, for turning up and making this birthday a possible one

Lastly, thanks for actually taking your time off to come over and making the effort to spend time with me on my birthday. And for bringing all the gifts! :’) U guys are the best.

Mum & Dad—for their love and $;
NV residences—for their facilities;
My emcees: Esther, ShukYee, Charis–for hosting;
Charlene—for the music & AV;
Thalia (instagram: @lialia_food)—for the birthday cake;
Wee Kee Buffet catering—for the food;
and everyone—for making this a heartwarming birthday.
Thank you.

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