My Design school life

Just a short update because I’m waiting for my Diploma-plus class to start and its 3.30pm in the afternoon & outside is just so hot so I thought why not blog?

School’s been pretty happening and crazy lately I’m so glad this semester I felt so much more bonded with my class. Last semester, when I first got together with my boyfriend, wasn’t too great and I felt so detached from my class.

Just in case anyone’s wondering what’s happening in my head right now, I’m pretty excited for Christmas and that day when I went to Orchard seeing all the new decorations up just pump me up even more! After all, I’m so excited to catch up with my friends (yes, sumin, I miss you…) & other besties like celia and Jan who definitely finished her A levels and will be having the time of her life.

French’s been great…same old same old….except I actually put in more effort to prepare for my French classes. Yay for Grace.

I took up a new job (yes, they pay me!) and this semester I definitely have more live clients than last semester. I like that. It makes me feel alive. Not the money of course. Passion keeps me up awake at night, not paycheck. I hope. I don’t know why I like live clients. It makes me feel I’ve grown up and more powerful. HAHA. Although I must say its hard working with people and I’m tempted to cry many times but this is just my first job.

Sometimes, of course on some days, I’ll return home feeling completely worn out, but I don’t blame myself. This week’s pretty intense anyway.

I’m glad the workload in school cut down by SO MUCH. I’ve been getting so much sleep I think my skin is better and Jengwen told me she doesn’t feel like a design student anymore. Gosh, I’ve been catching up watching Pretty Little Liars too and whoever out there who love this show, I salute you. We can be best friends.

I also got my contacts yesterday and cut my hair a little bit so I won’t have to come to school every day feeling like the ugliest woman in the world.

My favourite days of the week are Wednesdays and Fridays although they are also my longest days. Because I love my BCS team. I had so much fun working with them and I think the chemistry is great, too. And we finally nailed down our concept. Yay us. Best team, awesome lecturers and I just love NAIISE, our client we’ve been dealing with. Working on their project makes me tempted to buy their things. Is it normal?!???!?!?

To end off, I think things in school are finally getting better and I’m starting to love my course more and more. I’ve began to resonate with the fact that I’m a designer and I really feel the momentum. I remembered how I sat for a meal last semester ending in tears, because I realised DVMD is not a course, its a lifestyle. 

And I couldn’t come to terms with the business, the stress, and I was feeling very very burned out but someone told me never to stop dreaming. Never stop doing what you love. Because at the end, babe if you don’t give up, you’re gonna shine.

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