19th Birthday

Hi guys so finally I have time to sit down and blog about my 19th birthday, as well as revive this space. I’m really rusty from after all those months away from blogging so don’t judge my writing alright?
Anyway this year’s 25TH OF MARCH has been spent in the most amazing way, though simple, but I was very glad when I found myself smiling when people asked, “No party this year?” then I said no. Not because I was too lazy, but because I feel that as we outgrow teenage years, birthdays become more of a maturity thing than a privilege. But of course, we’re still young at heart *beams*
My birthday falls on Good Friday this year so I’m glad I got to spend the first half of the day with my churchies. I’ve loved to view it as an opportunity to let my friends gather rather than a special occasion. How can my birthday ever compare to the scale and honour of Good Friday?
But as I spun around and was rendered totally speechless when Esther and the rest of my batch emerged, with a cake, lighted with with candles! 
As they burst into song I blew out the candles, and I swear I didn’t suspect anything at all before that (dumb me). It’s a pretty little matcha cake from a Japanese bakery and I’m so touched that my friends really cared enough to do this on my little special day. My mum wasn’t there to witness the celebration and that was my only regret because funnily enough, she left the church early and probably thought nobody was going to celebrate for me anyway. Omg its hilarious.
Janessa came! I was totally surprised. Thanks Evan for inviting her and I’m just so glad I joined the 19 squad. I remembered how I was comforting myself that if people forget my birthday, doesn’t mean they don’t care because some people are just really bad at dates. But if they do, it’s a bonus for me. I’m glad to grow a year older! (never wiser)

Now that I’m 19, I’m really afraid to hit 20 because I don’t want to have a “2” as the first digit. It seems really scary and there’s this “reality-sets-in” feeling, y’know? Like suddenly you’re on your own and the whole world depends on you. Evan, I’m so glad to really have you, the sisterly love I got from you are just one of the many things I’m very thankful for. 
Then after church, Jan dropped by my house for a while and then we parted ways because I’m off to the art market!
It was held at tanjong pagar railway station. After 10 mins we panting and huffing because as u can see from the picture it’s reaaaally crowded.

Jengwen and Zaf and the rest were late so we’re just strolling, chilling, buying food while suffocating from the heat. But then around 5.30 another burst of “Happy Birthday” echoed through the station and I was yet again caught off guard, surprised with my 2nd cake of the day….
The cake was a really wonderful and rich vanilla cake called “My Fair Lady”. The name is very apt ah thanks guys ahaha. We finished ALL of it. I feel incredibly blessed because birthdays (other than the legal ages 18 and 21) had never been a big thing for me, I talked myself into thinking19th birthday was really not much of a big deal, and it shouldn’t matter if anyone else remembered. To see and experience such a sight with my class friends and Zaf walking towards me with a huge bunch of pink and white balloons was really lovely. xx
Class Photo! Thanks Jos, Joy, Jengwen, Zaf, Haz, Dawn my Aries buddy, Xinyi and Karleng. Love you many many and I really appreciate what you guys have done. Especially Zaf and Jengwen, the thoughts into the innisfree gift products. I really adore it!
Then met my parents at Level 33, a restaurant and lounge at the top of the Marina Bay Financial Tower which offers a breathtaking view of the Singapore Skyline. Dining beside the amazing view of the city feels really surreal to me. Here comes the fun part. The balloons, obviously, aren’t allowed inside despite how angelic looking it seemed, oops.
We took a lift up. Andd here’s the interior of the place where we sat. We arrived around evening, but ate until the sky got dark then father suggested we order a few drinks and sit outdoors. Which we did, eventually.

Some of the pictures here were not taken by me because my phone quality sucks af I had to take these from Google!! So pardon me if you see an image you took on my blog, I would gladly give you credit for it if I had known who took it. 

 Fun fact: they have really huge ass brewing tanks to brew some of their drinks and it’s rockingly cool.

We ordered a few main dishes and they were soooo heavenly. They were mostly Italian dishes, and needless to say, this place serves European food.
Prawns and seafood with Pasta

Risotto with Goat’s cheese and mushrooms! My food photography isn’t that good but it’s really well cooked, and this picture doesn’t do it justice. Thanks dad for treating all of us. 
 After we finished eating at around 8.30pm, we ordered beer and cocktails and went out. The place was actually very crowded at night just that I took this photo from google LOL! So just imagine this place—much darker and much crowded okay. Everyone was crowding over at the edge, leaning over to take in the night sky and it’s calming breeze. Some people were socialising, it was never quiet but the chatter in the background was relaxing and it feels good! Most of the people there were foreigners though. A few people from Holland came to talk to us and they were so friendly!! 
 THE BREEZE WAS LEGIT COLD. And it really felt like on top of the world. It’s not higher than the rooftop of MBS, but this—is really good enough. And if you guys ever want to come up to dine at Level 33 (yes i’m advertising for them), there’s no fee to access this rooftop restaurant area unlike MBS (where you have to pay $25). The ambience is really good and you can just come up to have a couple of drinks w/o dinner!
With that I had a really great birthday. It wasn’t so kuachang like last year hahaha but it was simple and fulfilling in the relaxed kind of way. And if you’re reading this, Grace is really happy HAHA and more than willing to give you the world in return for your love shown towards her (: hahhhaa. Till next time!

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