The last straw

You drunk text me
At 4:05am
I was innocently spreading my nutella bread
When those words hit me cruelly like a flying truck

My fingers scrambled to tie the shoelaces of my
Chuck Taylors in that fateful morning
The caffeine I bought on my way home
Is too weak to cover the taste
Shared between the tip of our tongues.

It’s an agonising thought to know
That the sun comes up regardless
And another new day dawned
Oblivious to your absence and
to the tragedy that has just taken place.

How could you know if you braved the monsters under your bed
When you didn’t even sleep that night?
Just like how everything’s surreal and
is never going to go away in this whole lifetime.

I went back.
I wore that grey dress I wore.
The one that made me feel like
The Audrey Hepburn version of myself.

I remembered the place we sat
All too well indeed
Well, it takes everything to meet
The same monsters under the seat.

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