Good Girl Faith

DK why but decided to watch your Taiwan videos tonight and felt your energy bubbling through them. You’re really an amazing Leo guy.

I admit I could have done better. I wish so much to play with you and I can picture us wrecking havoc, doing all sorts of crazy things, your personality is so me and i love it. It makes me as if I’m tasting the wonderful Taiwan food, the weather seems nice too, idk why but I suddenly had this thought in my head when I feel like going Taiwan with you. You’ll make a great tour guide…

The videos are all so librating, the part where you guys are cycling, makes me look forward to my own grad trip wherever it is. Im envious of everyone in the video having such fun friends. I love your friends. They all look like such fun bunch of people to hang out with!!! Really inspired me to do my own travel vlog too.

You look so charismatic when you talk. I noticed it right from the first date but being on camera just amplifies every quality. Like a real MediaCorp travel host lmao and it reminds me of how you used to joke about being a darn good actor lol.

Worst thing is it actually made me regret not watching these videos earlier so I know your true personality and it made me regret how I behaved like a really boring person when I met you, I put up a wall, I took so long to open up and I swear if I have to do it again I would redo it and I would do it well I really would

At times I feel really powerful and that like I can finally get over you, but in other times I feel so vulnerable I can’t and there seems no end to my darkness.

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