I have a secret that no one knows
Nine in the morning, the witch came close
Dad had invited her in, eyes large as saucers;
where the curse befell and became monsters.

Ten long years the tragedy befell.
From nine to nineteen, I was trapped in my shell.
It lives in my bloodstream, flutters in my soul.
Was never uplifted, as dark as coal.

In its physical form it conceals itself,
deep within my soul it reveals oneself.
An ocean full of secrets, I keep digging;
The voices in my head forever ringing.

Beyond the land where shadows lie,
my tears flow and never dries.
I read about adventures like a newfound friend,
Struggle and trials, when’s the end?

The end is here,
So very near.
Very true is this story,
That traps my body

I have a secret that no one knows.