Leaving is easy, it’s staying gone that is hard

Finished the season finale for Pretty Little Liars today and I’m now waiting for #5YearsForward when my Netflix subscription renew. I love watching Pretty Little Liars. I really do. I feel like the girls have gone and overcame so much that I can, too. Watching PLL in the morning makes life so relatable.

They have been physically and emotionally manipulated, tortured and hurt by an anonymous persecutor for years. It has made life for them a living hell, worse than death. And to forgive under such circumstances make them very inspiring. Ok maybe they didn’t forgive completely, but they certainly didn’t let bitterness get the better of them. They fought strongly and I can see it in their eyes the will to live, the fact that they are gritting their teeth and moving on.

I know its all fictional, but to be put under that constant pressure, anxiety, humiliation, and utter danger that A has put them through—including prison, drugging them, almost running them over with a car….all the hurt, I feel that they’re very brave.

And not only that, they have really GOOD relationship scenarios too…the plot lines and storylines are so good, it wrestled with trust, love, patience and betrayal and hate and there’s so much to learn. It just has taught me so many things and it has been with me for so many chapters of my life, from the point where I just got attached to my first boyfriend till now…

1. The fact that Mona loves books and she’s always thinking; the way she thinks really fascinated me and it kind of inspires me to read more books and think the way other people might think…yknow, just live adventures for a while? It is a peculiar thing.

2. The fact that Emily and Paige’s breakup also inspired me and helped me through my own crisis. How Emily bounced back and how she let go of Paige, decided that the relationship has ended and Paige is going to lead her own life and how Emily handled the situation was really brave. How she decided in the end not to book a ticket to California, how she mailed the shirt back to Paige…it is not about giving up but it is about being brave and tactful enough to let go, to acknowledge the situation and realise she’s not coming back. Paige moved on. Emily has to, too and I don’t know where she found her courage but Emily’s really inspiring.

And now I’ve to say goodbye to this show… (at least this season) because the next time I’ll be watching an episode is where the 5 girls will all grow up (5 years forward) and I’m not sure if I’m ready for the change HAHAHA so I’ve decided to take a mini hiatus from watching PLL first.

Goodbyes. I’ve been doing them so often recently; and there’s one more upcoming really soon as I leave the country and I don’t know how it’s going to turn out.

I guess I always liked Pretty Little Liars because I feel at home with them. I feel comforted with people experiencing the same heightened crisis, same peril that’s eating me on an emotional level. Feels like I’m not alone and maybe that’s why I’ve grown so attached to this show.

Thank you :’) It has been a good 6 seasons.

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