National Day

Celia cancelled her plans on me….

This morning I woke up feeling horrible. Why does the same feeling of emptiness and dread always come back?

Well at least nights started getting easier..for me. I really do hope today will be a nice day. National Day has always been very happening for me, we’ll return home past 12, after drinking and watching the fireworks and squeezing with the crowd. I liked the atmosphere.

But this year I’m probably staying home it feels..not right. Or its just I’ve just got a lot going on in my life right now. I just hope I’ll be happy staying home and watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. That show always cheers me up idek why but because maybe I’ve always found their experiences so relatable to my own.

Oh and The Hobbit is showing tonight on TV at 10.30pm omg. Mum and Dad wants me to watch it with them and I guess I could do with some Middle Earth after all the drama that has happened in my life right now.

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