Today I was doing the soldering during art class and I just accidentally burnt away the wire of Alfred’s soldering iron. I DONT KNOW WHY AN ACCIDENT like this happened I don’t even know then the minute I turned around it was too late. I’m tired of being human. I’m so demoralised I can’t even do anything right. My mind has been in such a daze lately & I don’t know why….

And now I just destroyed Alfred’s soldering iron and about to drag Dawn down into the mess with me.

I’m really trying to spend more quality time with my family before I leave for Hong Kong real soon. Yesterday I went for lunch with mum, godmother and her good friends and Aunty Anna was so nice she gave me some money and told me to enjoy myself fully there. I’m quite excited for this new change and new phase of life I don’t know what adventure would await.

I just hope whatever comes I can handle and I’m gonna be stronger than I normally would be. :’)

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