We’re walking down a dim street, in this distance we can hear the mixed flurry of sounds and laughter coming from the nearby bars; but this dingy old apartment we have been living in has been so torn and tattered, a far cry from the faraway chatter and music from clubs. We turned into an alleyway, you grabbed me and smashed your lips into mine; the feeling of being alive and human is so prominent and it makes me feel like dancing in the middle of parking lot, right here right now. In the silence and far away background noise, you grabbed my hand and I was surprised because I’ve known you since I was young, you weren’t usually so spontaneous. We ran up and up, till both of us were perched on a rooftop with the wind blowing in our hair everywhere and the coolness of the night was taking over my whole body, but I don’t feel cold with you beside me. We can hear the wolf howling in the distance, but otherwise the world is silent. The September chills began to take its form, for once I feel so quiet and peaceful.

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