This is a Savage Poem

Credit: Largely Inspired by a poem by Pooja Nansi.

 I don’t blame u of course I can never be
Angry at you I’m no longer mad
Just really sad and hurt and I
Long for you to sit beside me and just
Give me a tight hug

Sometimes it feels like
A hundred times more painful
Than threading my eyebrows I swear
But look at me, I never giggle stupidly any more
I ditched the library and
I went to wear Stussy but so?

See it doesn’t matter how crooked my teeth is now
I got braces as well as a new job in a bar
And yes i went to get new blonde highlights
I went for eyelash extensions but realised
Oh fuck there’s no one to impress and I
Want to dance but you are gone and I am here
Oh I AM STILL HERE look at me I’ve learned to drink
My sorrows and happiness away, i amuse
At black humour and offensive sitcoms
I listen to raps and I buy caps

Then I tried clubbing and I started swearing but sadly,
I learnt the hard way clocks do not stop
So I did what I always loved, I
Watched a LOTR marathon and baby I
I live harder and dreamed bigger
Then I went to Swarovski’s gala dinner

Oh, if you see me now
I am enjoying life I started blogging again
I am living in a fulfilled fashion I spent $151 in Sephora yesterday and I do not regret pampering myself
I went to a vintage cinema with friends and appreciated film I celebrated dad’s birthday
But when I get to write blackout poetry you, you HAUNT MY POEMS and you make me stop

 So, oh if you see me now
Would you

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