Of Late I think of "Rosewood"

Singapore has always been the Rosewood to me.

This is my first post ever since I touched down into Hong Kong, only that I saved it in my drafts a long long time ago and decided to fish it out and edit it today.


So far everything’s been pretty great, I would say going to a new country to settle down and be exposed is a fresh feeling. Celia and I would get out of the apartment by 9am and return by 10.30pm at least, as you can see we’re making use of our full potential to explore HK city, via every ounce of energy in our system. And btw, HongKong-ers walk a lot. ALOT. If you’re from Hong Kong or you’ve first handedly experienced the transport, you will know how ridiculous the MTR lines and exits are because you. have. to. walk. like. mad.

But other than that its totes fun!!

Eating local street food—first time trying pig organs, mushroom oysters, etc
After flying chairs. I look like a kid 😦


Both of us have also begun to write travel diaries, to document the first few days of our stay here. Provided we usually return around 10.30pm, by the time we settle down and stuff, we would start penning down our thoughts at 11.30pm and finish by 1am and sleep around 2am LOL. And get up around 7.30am the next day. This is no joke man. Travelling and settling down is tough.

Here are some of the sneak peeks haha. I really wish I could share all of my adventures with you here but it would be far to taxing to type it all out again and hopefully, I can save them for friends to read in real life…next time :’) More sincere this way. (Yes Class 02 I am waiting for the chalet!!!)


I’m also working on a new vlog which will be, my very very first vlog on my new Youtube channel which obviously I am very nervous about, since I’ve 0 experience on vlogging. Erm, well, we’ll see how it turns out.

Today also marks the first day I’m watching the episode of PLL(Pretty Little Liars) where the liars return to Rosewood after 5 years. That’s right, 5 years forward!!!! Cos I renewed my Netflix subscription with a new email.

Moving to new cities and all, the liars come back all changed and you’ll see how they’ve grown—character development people. If you’ve guys lingered along this blog long enough you would know I purposely stopped at season 6 episode 10 where the liars moved out of town. And I stopped there and decided to take a break before watching #5yearsforward so that I can feel the full fledged joy of seeing them again after “5 years” (although its just 5 weeks in real time but, you get the gist) because I know its a important rite of passage for the characters. Also that I was gonna move to HK at that time, I could use a break.

yes I take this show very seriously. How else do you think I managed to brave through 6 seasons.

How amazing and weird that everything in my life just walks similarly to the pretty little liars timeline. They move out of Rosewood, I leave Singapore after watching that episode. The funny thing is when I started watching that shit on 12 September, the Radley security footage that Hanna erased in the show was dated 12 September!! What coincidence is this…so anyways now I’ve settled down, now here am I, ready to watch, they’re back.

The first episode of Season 6B really amazes me because, well—its the most light hearted episode I’ve seen so far! 










I literally LOL-ed. See how light hearted it is! Totally unlike the usual tense, dark, anxiety-filled episode that tug at my adrenaline switch each time. I almost thought I walked into the wrong drama.

Lots of hellos after years of goodbyes, reunions and its good to see everyone reunited, at one place, at one time. And its good to see how much the characters have grown for the past 5 years, during the time jump, they’ve been through so much and led different lives in different cities. And now they’ve all come together (as different people), it’s really enriching to see how their each developed self interact with one another.




Aww, so much love! Oh my god I love Spencer. She is my favourite liar.
And by the way is it me or has anyone realised that Hanna really talks like Mrs Marin (Ashley) right now? I guess she takes after her mother with maturity!!! (omg please agree with me she really sounds like her mum)

And now every character have this few seconds of “fame time” for their opening song. I know its really a trivia but I’m really happy about it cos in the past it just used to be the camera zooming in on Aria and she’s the only one whispering “shh” but now YES WE HAVE A ZOOM ON SPENCER, EMILY, ALISON AND HANNA TOO.


Finished all 10 episodes of Season 6B in one day (Yes, I binged watch, great job Grace) and I would say it’s really quite content heavy. The first episode I was shocked already. I don’t know if that’s normal considering that I have been brain-feeding myself with all sorts of rubbish and shows and YouTube videos recently, and then here comes 10 heavy episodes of PLL, there’s lots of “input” and hardly any “output”. I would say filling my mind with lots of content is good but I have to find some way to vomit out my thoughts and suppressed feelings afterwards, if not I might just choke. (That’s me.)

I mean, we learnt some major events happened during the time jump—Radley Sanitarium got converted into a hotel and bar (and they made it SO luxurious wtf), Emily’s dad died, Hanna broke up with Caleb (brownie points to whoever noticed the awkwardness between hanna and caleb in the first few episodes, I was literally cringing and feeling it for them) and got engaged to some nice guy named Jordan instead, Aria’s with a guy called Liam, working in a writing/publishing(?) company; Veronica’s running for the state election and Toby got together a random girl named Yvonne instead!? Wow, if that’s not much, I don’t know what’s too much for me to digest. Oh, not to mention Ezra had a girlfriend Nicole during the time jump but she sadly, died too.

I still can’t believe Emily’s dad died??@??!?!?!? HOW AND NO AND WHY I mean I admired Emily’s relationship with her dad the most and it was the most precious to Emily so I was really angry he died. For the first episode everything was going through my head so fast that I didn’t have time to really process what happened and the fact that Emily’s visiting medical centres for the first few episodes got me REALLY WORRIED COS I really thought she was sick like maybe it was cancer or something OMG. I was so shocked.

But no matter what happened, NO MATTER WHAT, could never ever beat the ultimate horror of Season 6B—Caleb and Spencer getting together.

 Who ever saw #Spaleb coming?!!

I mean, I had my fair share of spoilers prior my binge-watch session, and so unbelievably shocked at the absurdity of Spencer dating her best friend’s ex that I’m SO POSITIVE that I wouldn’t like them one bit. And for another reason was that based on how Caleb and Hanna looks at each other on the first few episodes, I’m sure feelings still lingers beneath their super-cringeworthy awkwardness. No matter how well the writers did at a character build up and convincing the fans of the bonding between #Spaleb—pretty great job indeed—but no, I disagree.

Not until—





Then that was it.
They spoke of something so deep within my heart, the little budding friendship sessions between Spence and Caleb seemed to hit me. Because it reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend before I left for HK, several weeks ago.
I was so worried. I was so worried that what I faced with was gonna change me. I didn’t want it to. I didn’t want the monsters I battled with for the past 2 months in July and August to change me. What if I have become less trusting just because I didn’t wanna be hurt, less vulnerable because I want to protect myself, more heartless because I was once genuine and look what happened: I was being fooled, more emotionless in order to force myself not to feel anything again? No way I want to become that person. I didn’t want to let pain or hatred or betrayal rule me, I didn’t want to let pain change me. But what if, like Spencer said, it was a subconscious change? That it was happening bit by bit, so slowly that I didn’t realise that it is happening at all? That I could do nothing to stop it at all? I doubt myself. I didn’t want to let the flame in me burn out; I won’t allow that.
“You’ve never known how to hurt someone until you yourself have been hurt.” Where did this saying come from? Is it that now I’ve been hurt, I am now more capable of hurting someone? See. That’s what I’m afraid of. I will never want to be a person that is capable of hurting someone. But is there truth in this saying?
For example, Girl A once cared, but was hurt by somebody else and because of that it sucked the emotion out of her, she told herself stop being so weak and she never felt anything anymore; she loved so much that she can’t go near it anymore, her tolerance became higher, she became a cold-blooded, emotionless creature.
How could this not happen? How is this not a horrifying thought?





I absolutely love love this pairing!
This is so weird though, considering I’ve always thought Spencer and Toby were meant to be and Caleb and Hanna were for life.
That’s why I was surprised at myself.
This is just

But considering this is PLL, what isn’t weird on this drama anyway. All kinds of theories happen.


This hit me so bad HAHAH. Guess Melissa’s really smart and also probably talking about that time in the past where Spencer stole all of her boyfriends and her fiancé(s). Couldn’t remember.


They’re The
Only Ones
Can Make
Hand Holding


Look So Hot
Oh by the way, I wrote this after reading spoilers on Season 7:
Will probably start watching this weekend soon because I finished everything of Season 6 already.

Season 6B has also been painfully relatable, almost all the content written and the dialogue between the characters seem to jump out at me every 5 seconds. Ever had that moment where you watch a movie; everything is personal that you can’t help but internalise the emotions of the plot and make it about you?

Yes, that is me and PLL.

For example:

This scene plays out:



I’ll think:

Each time i deal with an identity crisis, i reinvent myself. that’s how i cope. i go shopping, retail therapy, check up styles, find out what I’m most comfortable with. It’s not that i’m not comfortable in my own skin, you know, but the feeling of looking at yourself in the mirror and then finding consensus, finding acceptance. people change. people can grow and experiences shape us. I just feel the need to align my physical appearance with who i am on the inside, something like a manifestation of the person I’ve become, you know. I guess i’m just the expressive person. who wears her heart on her sleeve. Literally.

Yeah, you just read my train of thought. Sorry about that.




Emily’s Mom= 100% accurate representation of my mum. At one period I was really struggling with telling my mum issues; didn’t want her to worry, too lazy to explain, too tired to listen to her advice…which I did not sign up for in the first place. Furthermore, not telling our parents’ issues actually give you a sense—whether false or not—of independence and validation of being an adult. (Don’t get me wrong, my relationship with my mum is pretty good) but I guess the point of saying this is that PLL’s plot lines are so similar to mine—they struggle with exactly what I struggle with—mid 20s crisis (soon to come), college, high school, relationships, parents, etc




I’m sorry but I can completely resonate with Aria’s intentions on this one. There we go again. Painfully relatable. I always have this little bit of a “save the world” desire in me, to inspire every person I come across, to see the beauty in every person I meet, even when they don’t believe it for themselves. That’s why I always encourage. That’s why I refused to give up even when that f*ckboy was so cruel beyond hope and totally throwing me off the cliff. That’s why I always have deep conversations that makes me feel like Oprah Winfrey. (don’t get me wrong, I genuinely care for the other person) and I find it fascinating that God placed another person in your life for a reason—for you to impact theirs or for them to impact yours. That’s why we’re here.
You all have a little bit of ‘I want to save the world’ in you, that’s why you’re here, in college. I want you to know that it’s okay if you only save one person, and it’s okay if that person is you.”


Jokes aside, I literally LIVE for moments like this. The warmth and kinship between Spencer and Veronica Hastings in Season 6B is soon exceptional I cannot. I mean, how many heartwarming mother-daughter moments do you get like this? Maybe I love it because this is the sort of relationship I want to have with my mother—(we’re getting there, I hope!)—but it’s really really awesome to see them talk it out in such a sophisticated manner.

“Courage is all about having grace under fire.”

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