Creative Baggage

Creative Baggage—Unloading emotional baggage in a creative way; for a creative person to vomit out creative content and outputs as a form of therapeutic way of coping with his or her burdens

I don’t exactly know what Aria meant in this context—considering she and Ezra are working on a book about his dead girlfriend. But the above is how I see it. It was Ezra unloading his emotional baggage and converting it to something creative.

And as a designer, self-proclaimed writer and poet (oops), I have many times been guilty of this. The more hurt I am, the more euphoric I feel, the more furious I feel, the word here is feel you see. The more I feel the more I churn out. Through painting, drawing, playing the piano, through music…then poetry writing, or even just plain prose about the asshole who breaks hearts. Those are awesome.

There was this period of time I was totally binge-writing poetry over and over again, and those were pretty satisfactory pieces in my eyes; because there’re so raw and full of truth. Though sometimes I am careful of not airing my dirty laundry, but we can always cover it up with metaphors or even abstract art.

I love reading such pieces too, I love listening to people’s stories and experiences especially if they’re so vulnerable and full of enriching, inspiring lessons about life.

So if you have any please 
I would love to hear!
“And still there they were stars reeling overhead, the earth barely moving beneath them. He knew in that moment whether they made it through this night or not, he finally found his match.”


  1. Spencer: Why is it so easy to fall back into old habits.
    Toby: They're easy to fall into, that's why they're called habits.

    I am in love with this guy. I try so hard not to reach out to him because I know he doesn't care.
    But I keep falling back into his trap of kindness…

    What do you think I should do?



  2. If you love someone you should pursue it because life is too short to have any regrets. Of course, it must be done with wisdom and you must be prepared that a certain risk is involved, because you may get hurt. If you felt that you crossed the line or have done all you could but he still doesn't care, sometimes loving the person also means letting go. There is a timing for everything, maybe not reaching out to him is the correct choice now, but in the future you could try reaching out? It all depends on the situation.

    Good luck girl 🙂



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