Season 7A of PLL

I’ve just finished watching Season 7A of Pretty Little Liars; and it seems like the only thing I do all day is binge watch movies right??

Well, I can’t help it. I love movies and books..😅

Anyway, I stopped right before the Summer Finale (episode 10) because it isn’t anywhere to be found online (for free) and Netflix doesn’t have it. I’m so angry I didn’t get to see Spencer being shot because I heard that she was shot in the heart! And also, that she’s Mary Drake’s biological child. I don’t know if I’m right but at least that was some spoilers I stumbled upon online.

And what about the murder of Charlotte? Aren’t I going to get some answers on who killed Charlotte?!!! 
And Elliott? Aren’t the police going to continue investigation…? 😦

See, that’s the thing about Pretty little Liars. They always leave some mysteries hanging and sometimes those mysteries don’t even get solved, ever. The writers just move on to other subplots and stories, that it seemed that what was the crux a few episodes ago was now forgotten.


In Season 7 episode 7, in the Hanna and Caleb scene, something really really spoke to me.


“It’s just weird. Being so close to someone and then having to cut them out of your life completely. It’s like losing a limb or something. A part of you.”

I completely agree…which supposedly explains why I’m so sentimental. A long time ago someone told me, “You shouldn’t expect everyone to stay I guess.” But truth is when the above statement is said out loud, it’s surreal and also a frightening thought. That the person whom you were so close to today, could be the person that you’ll never talk to again tomorrow. The person whom you shared your past with, your deepest thoughts and secrets, thinking that they’ll be in your future…could very well also be the person that walks away with your secrets.

Trust me, I hate cutting people out of my life and losing them. I value everyone. But when I’m handed the scissors when I’m faced with someone toxic, I’m left with no choice.

But the worst parts are people whom you just drift apart for no apparent reason..different phases of life just separated you. You used to be best friends, but not anymore. You don’t hang anymore.

It’s like what Hanna said.

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