Letters to God

It’s definitely not in my comfort zone to blog about my religion, especially when I’ve a few anti-Christian friends; but here’s one right up today because I’ve felt compelled to share my after-thoughts on “Letters to God’. I don’t know who exactly reads this blog, but I decided I’m just going to blog about it and hope that it blesses people along the way.

Long story short, this movie is about a kid battling cancer and how he copes by writing letters to God. In the meantime, God uses him to touch/inspire those around him in the most amazing way possible.

Ever wondered the big question, “If God is so good, why does He allow suffering?” This question is like super common out there, I believe even for non-Christians alike and those who believe in a Higher Power, have you guys ever wondered or questioned heaven, “why?”

Letters to God is really the answer to the question.

“Why don’t you tell God’s what’s on your heart?”

“So what? What if God says no? Will that change anything?”

Sometimes when my prayers are futile, it makes me so scared to pray…because I know there’s a possibility God won’t answer my prayer. Then what?

“God is NOT a genie,” I remind myself.

But Tyler, the kid in the movie, knows that He’s in control. He knows that God is sovereign above anything. He reads the bible—hard to imagine this for non-Christians, but probably is what that gives him strength.

There’s this scene where Tyler asks his brother to write letters to God in his times of distress and his brother responded, “Whaaat…no…that’s just lame.”

& I think what would happen if one had like, ten thousand followers on social media (basically an influencer) and yet do these kind of things. You know…like, write letters to God. Everyone seems to be craving to be a social media influencer nowadays, and I can’t help but think that in the pursuit of doing so, girls conform to the image of the world. When they (or, we) achieve it, it’s just blending in with the rest of the crowd, really. And writing letters to a divine being (that we couldn’t see with our eyes) doesn’t really fit the bill, does it?

People are weird. People lack individualism all the time. They want to stand out, yet they are afraid of not fitting in.

Okay, I write letters to God.

I write letters occasionally in this small notebook, not because I want to feel morally superior above others as a Christian, I am just as imperfect; and it definitely isn’t because I wanted to feel more ‘authentic’. A friend once told me that I have a unique character. I told him I felt flattered. You see, we don’t do it because its “cool” or it’s “lame. We don’t do drugs just because it’s “cool”. Using these factors to define your choices…are really not wise. 😦

After watching this show I felt freaking guilty. There is a kid (true story by the way, mind you) struggling with sickness and writing letters to God; and here am I complaining about the pimples on my face. Recently I had this really bad (and I mean, bad) breakout that I never had before it surprised me. And it really affected my self-esteem cos my skin has never been that bad before.

I mean, I can literally walk out of the house and feel so ugly you probably have no idea.

When I came back from Hong Kong it was worse. I was feeling so stressful about so many things and one of them is my ugly, short hair. I was super busy with the sad fact that I chopped off 10 inches of my hair, I didn’t realise how horrible the haircut was until I came home and saw the astonished look on my mum’s face when she saw my new haircut.

“Why so short?” She exclaimed. And that’s when I started to feel the loss, ugh such a pity for cutting off 10 inches.

“I shouldn’t have cut so short even if I wanted to cut my hair,” I slumped against my seat wearily. “You wanted even shorter,” Celia pointed out. She was right. I stared back at my own hair from the mirror and it was a heap of mess. It was neither straight nor curly which is what I hate the most. In the past my long hair will naturally fall back to wavy curls above my waist and that’s what I love most.

Furthermore, worst thing is I made a mistake by telling the hairdresser NOT to style in layer, which I probably should have done the opposite instead. One-length looks really awful on me and it’s like no style, no bounce, just like my primary school retarded hairstyle. The only thing I gave thanks for was my blonde highlights. Other than that, I felt super unattractive. Even putting make-up on makes me feel guilty because I didn’t want to cake foundation all over my blemishes. So I went out make-up free.

I honestly do not wish to be so bothered over something so superficial like my appearance because y’know…beauty runs skin deep. That’s precisely why I felt guilty after watching “Letters to God”. But I also felt enlightened. We have so, so much to be thankful for.

I think this film would make a good Christmas/Thanksgiving story. Tyler remained so optimistic and sounded thankful despite his circumstances; he rode forth victoriously, in truth, humility and righteousness. He may be small and weak, but he is mighty in God. Letters to God—a definite, must-watch during Christmas and a heartwarming story to remember.

I remembered when I was facing a tough time back then, Yee Yen was encouraging me, “Grace, God gives His toughest battles to His strongest warriors!

I’d never forget that.

I’ve never told anyone this…but fact that it’s through believing that I’m one of His strongest daughter that I’ve pressed on till today…

I dedicate this post to every single soul out there. Christian or not, you are not alone.

“You are a letter…written not with pen and ink but with the Spirit of the living God.” —2 Corinthians 3:3 

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