Whoever’s sifting through my past posts got to stop man…
I mean yeah, I put it up there it’s public and all and open but
the reason why I didn’t put a archives button or a search button is cos
my past posts are really embarrassing so I really don’t know
how u managed to scroll through all of that junk post to get to my past posts which are like so long ago…
either you’re a major stalker or have too much free time on your hands…
I’m really creeped out!!

i hope whoever is out there can understand cos I’ve changed. people i loved then, may not be the people i love now and the thought of people reading it makes it very cringe-worthy. i can’t omg.

if you happen to stumble across them please. stop!!!
should i private this blog..

PS. if i sound rlly unfriendly/not nice here, sorry. but its the straightforward way to get my point across and by “past posts” I mean posts from 2015 featuring my ex, i’ll rlly appreciate if you stop thank you

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