Aloha Loyang

I am truly drained.

Just got back from this 3D2N chalet with the class girls and it was a truly rewarding experience. We stayed at this bungalow along the Seaview which Nab’s parents rented for us hahaha. It was really huge, with a private BBQ pit, dining area and 4 rooms with our own toilets. So different from the dirty chalets that I stayed last time in high school!

I honestly wished I had taken more photos of the interior but I didn’t cos I was too busy exploring the whole bungalow in awe ahaha. When we go out, there’s this huge grass patch for us to run around and it’s facing Pasir Ris Park, so it’s super convenient for night walks or just lazing around in the evening breeze.

Me, Nab and Karleng! 🙂 Although it doesn’t seem like it, we were bathing in the sun and it was already very very hot.
The rest of the class girls hahaha. They’re all so lovely.

Phhhoto GIF credit to Haz hahaha.

And another Phhhoto GIF credit to Jos!

I don’t know if it’s the company that made it all better but it was a very very beautiful evening. A pity Jengwen didn’t follow us out though. She stayed in the bung.

 We bought our ukulele and guitars out to jam by the sea. The sound of the waves created such a lovely background amidst our music—and attempted singing. Oh did I mention many of us bought our instruments to the chalet! There were 4 ukuleles and one guitar. I’m thankful for this short opportunity because if not my ukulele will just be sitting in the corner of my room collecting dust since primary school hahah.

During one of the night jamming sesh. I learnt how to play a new song—Can’t help falling in love with you. And I refreshed my memory with all the chords too. I need more chill nights like these. It was such a good getaway from the hustle of life you probably have no idea how thankful I am.
This was taken during the first night! hehe. Harish and Huiyi came as well but they didn’t stay over. They just came for the BBQ and games and left shortly but they brought more food for us on the way here! Huiyi brought chips and Harish brought drinks I think. They knew we needed more food hahaha all these greedy people. Then Harish kept wanting to cook and help out with the BBQ and refused to eat lol. The food was finishing and everyone had eaten except him but he still insisted on helping. In the end we had to push him to the dining area and force him to eat. He’s so nice he kept wanting to contribute :’)

Our BBQ! It was my first time actually participating in the preparation/cooking process of a BBQ because back then I always had someone do it for me (oops, spoilt girl) But I had just as much fun making the food as well as eating it!! Can you believe it I actually took out my contacts for this so I was pretty much blind along the way. Silly me for wearing contacts (i forgot BBQ might melt contacts)

Before we arrived at the chalet we actually met up to do grocery shopping and ended up buying $60plus worth of stuff and it was in huge plastic bags even 4 of us didn’t have enough hands to carry haha. Most of them were cartons of milk and 1.5litres of drinks so it’s pretty heavy, we ended up ditching the shuttle bus and grabbing a car to the chalet instead. 

But that’s not the point, point is we bought so much FOOD and that’s not all. There’s even delivery of the BBQ food to the chalet itself which is like hundred plus if I’m not wrong.😋😋😋
Joy and her obsession with the satay sauce (see pic above)
  Some of the food cooked included otah (2 different kinds), satay, sausages, chicken wings, stingrays, mushroom with melted cheese; drinks are pretty much the fizzy and non fizzy drinks!! Then we ran out of drinks and Harish had to get 4 more 1.5litres ones for us along the way haha. If I’m not wrong he carried all of them by himself. So nice.

Karleng brought hot chocolate for period girls” was what Karleng typed on WhatsApp hahaha. She bought this along the way. Almost half of the girls were having periods and complaining of cramps and all of them couldn’t drink fizzy/cold drinks.
  She was late, as usual HHAHAAHA. She came with Dahlia. 
“Is it a Sembawang thing to be late??”
Then we all agreed yeah. 

Anyway the Cadbury Hot chocolate tasted really good!!! I’m so going to stock up some of these at home. They’re awesome for late night suppers or staying-up-late-mugging snacks.

After dinner at about 10pm we all gathered and sat on the couch to play some games. Joy said we looked just like a sorority house AHAHAH. That means we’ll be sorority sisters. I actually liked the idea of that. I’m really thankful for them because I’ve never felt that bonded in a class before and I like that we’re a big clique yet everyone is so close.

“What’s a sorority?”
Neh, y’know those in America colleges then a bunch of white girls will like form a club or something. Just a bunch of bitchy girls sleeping together under the same roof,” Joy commented.
Then all the bitchy girls will hang together under one house. HAHAHAH.
I’ve heard horror stories that joining a sorority would be horrible but it’s secretly been my dream. To go to frat parties and all. LOL.

We played some murderers detective game which Dahlia invented with a twist, which was also very similar to the werewolf/blinking game, then we played the whisperer challenge(although we were practically shouting) which was the funniest! 
You guys can see the full video HERE.
 The only thing bad about the bungalow was that they have lots of mosquitoes. Just one day in and I’ve got bites all over my arms and legs already…so we resorted to put this incense thingy all over the living rooms and our rooms. But then Karleng opened the room door and said it was so smokey all over, this thing fogged up the whole room LOL. It’s true! The smell was so choking I couldn’t sleep. Jengwen placed it outside our room afterwards. But it was still choking so in the end we just put it out haha.

Oh I forgot to add. The place is full of pests as well!! Is it near a rubbish dump or something because there were so many lizards and cockroaches—flying ones in fact!!! In the middle of the night there was this huge FAT one which ran into Dahlia, Haz and Nab’s room. Three of them spent the night battling that cockroach and I swear it caused a huge hooha everyone came out to look. Jengwen and my room was just beside theirs and we could hear screams coming from the next room HAHA.

The next morning!

Yes they are making breakfast, so I went to join them. Needless to say I was like a housewife-material-in-training and failed terribly at flipping the pancakes. In the end I broke the pancake into like..6 parts and it was chao-da at the sides hahaha. 

But still! It was done and I am pretty satisfied with it! 

Look how excited my friends are when we called out “Breakfast is ready!!”

Our breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausages, pancakes with maple syrup. Then we made ourselves milk and hot chocolate omgg it’s the perfect breakfast ever. 
After breakfast we wanted to go cycling but guess what. We ended up grocery shopping instead T.T
We walked for almost an hour under the scorching hot sun but didn’t manage to find any bicycle rentals as the previous ones were all closed. When we finally found one near downtown east; it was so expensive we just ditched the idea.

So we entered NTUC, and being the food fanatic we are, we grabbed anything and everything that was appealing and that sums up our 2nd round of grocery shopping. At first we just wanted to replenish whatever’s used up at home (milk, margarine, etc) but ended up buying so much that our trolley was filled up…I swear as you get older, food takes up more space in your heart and it will rise up to utmost importance😂

Play does not really matter anymore 🙂
For lunch I didn’t have any pictures but it was really spicy Korean noodles. I died after one bite. I don’t know why but everyone in my class had such high tolerance for spice!

Then this was dinner. 🙂 I love the mushrooms o m g. I know it probably doesn’t look very appealing here but the pictures won’t do the taste of the food justice.

Thank you girls for giving me such a smashing fun time!


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