Mission Field


So I’m back with great news today!

Ok not exactly great, but these are news of anticipation that I’ve been looking forward to do for a really, really long time…

It’s been a great eventful Sunday today, and certainly a great journey when I look back at my healing process. A few months back I was totally wrecked and moody, but I’m also thankful that my life moves like a 230 episode speed drama that even I have trouble catching up with myself. Because it moves fast, that also means I’ve made progress hahaha.

I’m really happier now. 我现在过的很好啊。

ok. Anyway about the news!

1) I’m getting baptised.
2) I’m going on a mission trip.
3) I’ve got a new job.

It’s not big news but both of them are really meaningful to me. Both of them will be happening on the month of December, my favourite month of the year! Because it’s always so magical then.

If anyone doesn’t know what is water baptism, it’s a significant act of confirmation for Christians. Just confirming our faith and it’s a good occasion cos it’s like your spiritual birthday. HAHA. I’m actually very late already most of my batch peers have done it. Gosh, I’ve considered baptism since last year, the fact that I’m committing to it now feels very surreal and very exciting (in a good way)!!

I just signed up for my mission trip today with the church. I’ve considered for a really long time, it will be a 4-day trip to Myanmar and honestly I’m just really happy to have the opportunity to do so. The last round, I missed the TPBC’s mission trip because I was having school! 😦 So sad. It has always been my desire to help the people there.

Honestly I don’t know how it’ll turn out because it will be my very first mission trip…but I am anticipating it. Will vlog if I have the time, but I cannot guarantee the quality hahaha lol.

I hope anyone who reads this would feel happy for me cos I really wanted to help people for a really long time! I’ve been inspired by various figures in my life—friends, adults—those people who’ve travelled and gone the extra mile to help the villagers/children in Cambodia, Myanmar, the rural village areas, the slums, etc..I just hope I’ll do it with a cheerful heart and with the right intentions.

And finally, I got my new job at Yankee Candle! A friend recommended it to me cos I desperately need funds for my mission trip HAHAH and I thought the job was flexible so why not. I might even consider working after school reopens! As long as it doesn’t affect my FYP.

I had my first day of work a few weeks back and it almost seems I have worked for forever already. It was great because I absolutely love the small, cosy shop and the peaceful shopping mall and environment. Don’t you just love quaint and quiet malls compared to like Nex?? Or AMK hub?? I just really can’t do those noisy ones.

My colleagues are nice, but not-so-nice either. I don’t know. Due to age gap, they might not see me on the same page but we still can laugh and get along. Oh well. We’ll see how it goes. I didn’t get to meet my manager over the few days. I thought she sounded really strict over WhatsApp and I am really curious to see her in real life. Aside from all that, I love exploring and promoting all those candles!! and fragrances. They have over 150 fragrances can you believe it. I’m already tempted to buy some because they smell so good! My favourite is the Midsummer’s Night eve, one of their bestsellers. I’m not sure if it’s my favourite cos of the scent or it’s cos of the packaging and the intriguing name. I also love the Vanilla cupcake even though no one likes it cos it’s so sweet BUT it smells so tasty when you burn it, like a bakery. I feel like eating it already hahaha.

My colleagues are really helpful, taught me how to use the cash register and stuff but oh gosh it’s so complicated (i can never underestimate the job of a retail store assistant now), like cash is easy, but how are you supposed to know which machine is for VISA, Mastercard, american express, etc?? And some requires customer signature, some requires scanning, some swiping….it’s really confusing!! You have no idea how stressful it is to be behind the cash register.

Customers in my outlet are very easy, classy and they know what they want, so I love them. Some of them can even spend $100+ in a single walk in to the store…through impulse buying. Can you believe it. Who would splurge on candles like they’re food?

It’s honestly a really content heavy first week. I have to remember which are the fresh fragrances, fruity ones, floral ones, festive ones, spice ones….etc. To recommend the customers. And also the prices of the large jar, small jar, large tumbler, small tumbler, tea lights, fragrance oil, etc…they have so many product ranges that I didn’t initially know of. And on top of that some products don’t have their price tag stuck on them then I’ll have to memorise it. Then comes how long does the different kinds of candles burn for. If you use different kinds of holders, the timing also changes and I’ll have to memorise everything. The membership discounts, fragrances of the month discount, and other discounts. And also the material of the wicks, the wax, blah blah blah…

..I should stop rambling before you fall asleep.

Lesson learnt: Never look down on a Yankee Candle Associate.

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