Lorong Buangkok

What an eventful weekend. As much as I didn’t really get any work done, but I could count it as a very fulfilled and joyful weekend because I did many things. Firstly, I went with the Leo Club to volunteer at Jalan Kukoh where we could play with the kids. And then in the afternoon, I signed myself up for Photography’s Club event without knowing much about it. I didn’t even know the people well cos I was inactive there and this was going to be one of my very first events. Heard about this event from Zaf and she was in the exco, so I registered myself without hesitation. I was super happy when I heard we’re going to Lorong Buangkok. It’s one of the old kampongs my old friend used to tell me about. My FYP (final year project) is going to kick into full force soon, I needed all the break I could get and this seems perfect for a short weekend getaway.

I joined alone and didn’t know what to expect. To make matters worse, Zaf was late on that day so that left me with no choice but to mingle around and make friends. Gotta admit I was a little scared and nervous but majority of the guys were really friendly and nice. They kept asking for my Instagram and they were a really funny bunch so I opened up a bit. By the end of the trip I had already made new friends!

I like how the CCA is so bonded and they’re indeed a talented bunch. I should learn from them. Most of them have photography IG accounts. All the pictures they took were so nice! With their expensive cameras too…my little FujiFilm looked so petite compared to theirs—and I had no special lens. Below are the photos…this is a little better than my usual standard because…I need to up my game if I go with the photography club.


This villager was very nice. He spoke a lot to the guys and explained how they came about living in this kampong and stuff. They built all the houses themselves! He also talked about what they do if there was a risk of flood as the houses were really low-rise. 

The whole trip was really fun because I get to go to cool locations like these to explore and shoot interesting subjects. If it hadn’t drizzled, we probably would have stayed on longer hahah. I really love interacting and bonding with newfound friends over a similar passion and some of them really surprised me with their awesome skills cos; 1) they were self taught, 2) their courses are non-design where don’t teach photography/Photoshop and stuff. I am guilty of thinking only design students take better pictures.

Till next time!

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