A short note written on 3rd November; to my survey participants

I have seen and read your responses for the identity crisis and would really love to thank you. you guys made me learn so much. some of them really heartfelt, thank you for being so sincere, raw and authentic with your thoughts, and even sharing with me your most personal experiences; and for some of you…threatened by current outward circumstances. i believe it takes courage. be assured it’s anonymous though, i might never know who wrote what but it makes me compelled to reach out to you, to comfort you and tell you that it’s okay; and that to show you some encouragement and send you some light in this world, where many are lost and struggling to find out who they are, in the midst of a desperate attempt to stay afloat in this demanding society.

You made me learn that even though I sent out a majority of the survey to my close friends (or acquaintances), your responses bore witness to the statement “everyone has a story you don’t know”

It helped me learn a lot of things; that everyone we meet everyday really—what we see is just the tip of an iceberg. I think I know you well, but through the responses I learnt what I see is only surface-deep. Friends, we all fight hidden battles, bore hidden scars.

So be kind to one another.

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