TV is amazing

Just finished watching these two videos from Shay Mitchell’s youtube channel—Under the blanket ft Ian Harding and the PLL farewell video where she cried her eyes out.

“one of the most beautiful things about our show and our cast especially—is that we truly support one another.”

I totally agree. I can’t believe PLL is going to end already. That’s why I’ve been saving up the last 10 episodes of Season 7. It’s the beginning of the end as we know it and every question you’ve ever wanted answered—they’re are going to answer in this last season 7. I can’t wait for that. My Netflix ended but somehow I’m going to get me a subscription to tide me through season 7 and then binge watch Gossip Girl.

When Shay asked Ian what’s he going to do after the show, it totally gets to me because it’s like me being asked more often than not, “What are you going to do after graduation?” I know that feeling all too well. To others, it may seem like a simple question but trust me, those who’ve been through it will know—it triggers far more emotions in the person being asked than you could ever imagine. That’s because when you ask, you bring the person in to his or her train of thought of his own future. Ian answered, “Being healthy, paying my mortgage, travelling a bunch, having side projects..” answering this question brings you excitement, fear, yet full of hope at the same time isn’t it.

PLL Season 7—this is going to be the season of answers!

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