Light to Night

It’s past 12 and it’s already the first day of December—the best time of the year.
I mean, I did expect the last month of the year to come—but not so fast. I’ve purposefully packed December with so many exciting events, things that can fulfil me and look forward to. Honestly I’m quite excited for what is to come. It’s almost a yearly tradition to fill up my Christmas holidays with activities—regardless of how busy I am because this season is very important to me. Since young, it has been a tradition where my parents and I would visit candy cane houses together, Christmas wonderland with my friends, hold Secret Santa parties and more. I can’t wait!

 I’m honestly a little annoyed when I tell people about my busy schedule and they respond with, “Wait, don’t you have FYP to do? So much time to do all these things mehh?” I can’t understand people who drown themselves in work in December. It’s understandable at the rest of the year or even CNY hahhaha but December to me, it’s untouchable. C’mon, take this time to unwind a bit. It’s the end of 2016, you have worked long and hard and we know we all deserve a break.

Of course I will do work and it will always still be one of my priorities, but I’m saying I will not allow work to get in the way of me enjoying Christmas. It has always been this way.

I’ve began preparing—buying presents, wrapping them up, creating my very own spotify playlist, getting Christmas clothes…and I need to go do something about my unsightly appearance soon! Gosh I have been slogging my guts out ever since September (where I reoriented my life) and I have developed into a pile of mess, nerdy student since then.

But today I’ll be blogging about one of my eventful weekends where I went out with the Photography club to take pictures! We walked from bras basah to SAM to CHIJMES to national gallery hahaha.

Zaf being her usual sassy self! I was so glad she wasn’t late for the outing like the last round if not I’ll be so bored hahhah. 

Found this vintage van. I have no idea what am I doing.

It was raining most of the time so we headed back inside the shopping centre to have dinner together. Afterwards, we parted ways. I went to find my other friends for National Gallery’s Light to Night festival. It turned out really awesome!

Credits to Josilyn.

It was so fun. There were concerts, stalls selling food and stuff, installations, exhibitions, and even this ball pit which was really crazy (you’ll see later).

Then we saw some artworks..

We entered an area and saw so many people dancing cha cha!! Or some other forms of dancing. I wanted to join in so badly but they all looked very skilled hahah. The atmosphere was super upbeat I swear. Everyone was just enjoying themselves and the music was good.

And finally…
// deng deng deng

By Josilyn.

By Nab (and the rest below too!)

Joy being her usual self in her natural habitat.
Honestly I was so scared my phone was gonna drop in!! I drowned many times T.T

It’s really a good day…
ALRIGHTS i need to go and do work now. I can’t believe it’s 1.11am already. I don’t even know how I always somehow manage to find the time to blog. Maybe that’s because I take blogging very seriously hahaha. My head is hurting man I do hope I can get some sleep soon too—my body clock is so screwed recently.
Till next time!

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