Myanmar Prep

It’s now 12.23am, 6 hours from my flight in the morning.

The reason why I’ve been putting on blogging for so long was because I had writer’s block, and I finally decided to update what needs to be said before I forget everything when I come back from my trip haha. On 6th December, I attended a meeting with the rest of my Myanmar Mission Trips team—the last meeting before our flight. I remembered I was late. I dashed in and they were all preparing to rehearse the Christmas skit, I quickly put on my costume and got into position.

I am the wise King! There are 2 other kings with me, Wendy and Stacy.
We had lots of fun rehearsing and there were a few jokers in our team fooling around. It lifted my mood especially since after a stressful school day. It was vivid in my mind. I didn’t care about the age gap, I felt that I can learn so much from the adults. Gotta treasure being the youngest in missions trip team before its too late 🙂
I also recall that during late Nov-early Dec period I was extremely busy with school work, and also juggling between baptism classes, writing testimonials and bible study classes that I felt like I was unable to cope. As a result, I put off preparation for the Myanmar trip until the last minute and felt that I was lagging behind the team. I thought that I wasn’t doing enough to contribute to the team and felt really, really lousy.

Rehearsal for Christmas skit! I know it looks really funny but that’s because of space constraint and time to get the props & costumes was really little. We just had to make do make do. HAHA.

Anyways, things turned out well in the end thank God. I managed to rush everything after my submissions ended on 6th December. I informed dad about the necessary documents, checked the timing of my flight (can you believe I don’t even know what is the timing—shows how occupied I am), got my malaria pills, wrote and prepared my testimonies (to share over there), registered with MFA, changed currency, etc.

This is the Burmese Kyat! At first I thought they couldn’t be folder or stained and when my mum changed these for me I was really scared they’ll be rejected. But turns out Aunty lucy said it’ll be fine. I hope so!

I also packed these stationary as gifts for the Burmese children! This was the thing that I was most worried about prior the preparation tbh. I even messaged aunty lucy telling her I have lots of pencils and brand new stationary that could be the kids’ prizes for the games. The team already bought some from taobao but…ohh well, we could always give extra.

Brand new rulers

Sharpeners and pins to hold down paper


New pencils

These are not bought. I owned them as a kid until now. Don’t ask me how I managed to accumulate them hahha but I guess my family just did over my childhood. I have no idea. But they remain unused when I grow up and I’m thankful I have this opportunity to bless some people in another part of the world with it, because I almost thought these items were useless.

OH By the way a VISA is not required anymore for entry into Myanmar! Evan was telling me to quickly apply for a VISA because they needed a VISA to enter Myanmar the last round when they were there for missions. It’s such a huge load off my shoulders. In the end, I’ve also decided to embrace my role as the wise king for the skit and doing the Scribe instead of being the trip photographer (even tho I got a gopro lololol). If you have been reading my past few posts you’ll know I’m initially reluctant to take up these roles here. What made me change my mind in the end was 1) It was too late to change roles and it would cause confusion to the team 2) I considered that I should be happy God given me these roles and not complain 3) I don’t mind doing something different for a change (I’m always the photographer on school trips) and 4) I’d figured if I’m the photographer, there won’t be any pictures of me. So I shall leave the job of taking photos to someone else. Advantages hehhehe 🙂

Speaking about cameras and photography, I’ve been meaning to tell you guys this but I keep forgetting. I brought a new GoPro online a few days ago! From Lazada. hahaa. It’s a fake gopro but I guess it’s not too bad. Bought it because I didn’t want to carry my heavy DSLR there and I’ll be travelling quite often this month so I hope to use this for vlogging yay! The last thing I did was buy my travel insurance. In fact, I did it so late that I panicked! I bought it on the 13th. Thank God it is so convenient to buy online nowadays.

All packed! I had three bags with me ahahhaha fml. Aunty Lucy gave me one huge bag of accessories and items to bring along because she needs help with her own load. It’s really big please don’t underestimate it. I had to separate it into 2 big cases as seen below.

Alright then that’s all for now. On the 6th I learnt that my roommate is going to be Stacy! She’s a doctor omg that’s so cool. I’m really excited to know her better hahaha she seems like a very nice person after we talked briefly on Tuesday. I hope we’ll have more meaningful conversations. I also wish to know the rest of my team better….I mean we only met up 4-5 times for meetings and things were very rushed…my greatest hope for this trip is to truly learn what it means to consider the needs of others above my own. And to give joyfully. I can’t believe I’m flying soon already. Feels so surreal because it was just like yesterday we were having the meeting.

Yes I do missions to please God but my salvation is not determined by my acts or works. For that alone, not matter how great it is, will never be enough. I don’t do it to seem more holy, more righteous or more kind; for im judged not by works, but by faith alone. It is impossible to please God without faith. If I’m a non believer but I do all kinds of great things in this world, the slums and in villages; I am still nothing. Those deeds will not be counted in the eyes of God. It is crucial to include God in the picture. Missions is not a way for me to earn brownie points with God, but rather an act I willingly do, outflowed from my love for God.

“And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.” —Hebrews 11:6

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