Hi guys! im back from my travelling adventures. finally. gonna blog about it soon but not today because I just have tons of work waiting for me to do…I’m just really in deep soup now cos I realised I needed coffee to function and stay awake BUT I can’t touch coffee due to stomach flu!!! Damn. Anyway here’s a little short poem i decided to write hahaha even though i havent written for quite some time already. its gonna be crappy but wellz i tried!

it was then you looked at me,
and i hope that my eyes can scream through to you,
that by looking at them you may know,
that I actually fight so hard to get through every single day.

I pray that you actually can read
my mind or my eyes and tell that
I wasn’t the same person before;
that by looking at my frowned up face you may know
how I wished to be emotionally dependent on you
but stopped myself from doing so.

That even if the Universe is on our side
but my monsters may not be and
they’re overpowering me
I’m scared and I’m not sure…
I want to run into your arms but
I am not confident how much advice said, hugs given or anything else this time round
can solve my issues

Because this is something spiritual and,
it’s just like a force pulling me away and so
I shut my mouth up because I know
telling you will make us feel powerless
doing nothing.

And when you carried me on your back
i felt like if you could carry me,
a complicated person with all my burdens encapsulated inside me;
you must be strong
even though i am light.

I was screaming and kicking and
we were laughing our asses off,
comparing my weight to 2 years ago
when you last carried me in the streets of Thailand.

Now I’m back from Thailand for just one day and
on your back I felt
on top of the world.
I’m free.

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