I’m going back to school soon and can’t help but wonder what the next term, the very last term of my poly life, has in store for me. In my whole course of poly life I have made really wonderful friends from my class, even tho we have mini fights here and there sometimes but we still love each other regardless hehehe.

However something happened in the last school term that I felt that I should pen my thoughts here if not I’ll explode hahaha. What happened was there’s this girl in my class who’s very cheerful and nonsensical haha. She’s quite fun loving so I played with her a bit, sometimes we struck pointless arguments just for the fun of it.

However this period just recently I felt that she was being very hostile to me in her arguments. One might easily say “she’s just joking, don’t take it to heart” but sometimes I felt that there’s a very fine line between joking and mockery. I tried to ignore it at first but it just became worse and worse, it almost feels like she’s picking on me.

I stopped joking around with her (but I still talk as usual) because I don’t want to encourage anymore of this type of talk. But she still continued…calling my eyebrow makeup “disgusting” once and another time when I chipped in when she was talking to another classmate, she just replied, “Eh nobody’s talking to you.”

I don’t know if she’s joking because the tone sounded very serious and I really felt it was unwelcoming and mean. She’s the kind of happy go lucky girl that takes everything easy and it may seem like I’m weighing a lot down on this, but “taking things lightly” should not be an excuse for verbal bullying I feel…

I mean I don’t think she hates me HAHAHHA our clique has always been a fun loving bunch but when I come to school on bad days, her unkind words (joking or not) just makes my mood worse. At times some words are so mean it makes me want to cry out. Maybe she doesn’t remember already or my other friends didn’t notice but…the receiving end will always remember.

I feel that it’s okay to say nasty things once in a while but when it’s done over long periods of time or like any forms of verbal teasing, it can start to take a toll on the other person. The other person can laugh it off, but sometimes they may be having a bad day and who knows you can inspire them or make them feel better. I feel that we should never laugh at the expense of others but put ourselves in their shoes…at least that’s what TheEllenShow taught me. Real jokes don’t hurt others. 

Once at she hit me and it was real painful. Of course its only playing and my other classmate said “you can hit her back” but I didn’t at that time because I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’m really not wired in that way to be defensive hahaha. I’m glad we’re okay now though. Or maybe we’re okay because its the holidays lol….let’s hope she doesn’t say mean things again when school reopens.

Anyway this is just a short recount and vomit of words not meant to target anyone. Have kind words come out of our mouths, spread love!!!


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