Hi guys! Shall finally do a 2016 post. Reason why I’m wide awake now is because I drank too strong of a coffee. I know this is later than usual, it’s already past 1st jan, but this year’s submissions is no joke. to be honest, December was really tight because of travelling schedules etc and I had to squeeze in time to do this hahaha.

2016 has been a splendid year but also one of the hardest years I’ve been through. My love life actually screams the highlights this year LOL. But it’s too personal so I won’t share here. Other than that 2016 has been filled with a first of many firsts, and in fact it was quite rollercoaster…it can dash up to the peak and then plummet down and go up again ahaha. But most importantly I’m glad God stayed with me throughout. For example, I would never thought I would be soooo happy in December when I was breaking sad in mid-year. Things change and come and go way faster in 2016.

The first half of the year was meh, it was only the 2nd half of the year where real drama begin to take place hahaha. I was almost busy every minute of the day and hardly have time for boredom. Here are some of the memorable events of the year!

1. Internship

Internship was actually the highlight of the first half of the year, considering nothing much really happened. My main priority, at that point in time, was pleasing my boss HAHHAA. Not because I wanted to build a good grade for the module but to show that I can, you know. To show that I love design. But in the end of course la my company is one of the top and they have really high standards, I just felt like a rookie who doesn’t know anything there haha. Many of the ideas I did were rejected. Some were changed for the better. I felt really young. I mean, I’m the youngest. It’s my first time working, getting the feel of the industry and yet I’m working for one of the most established brands. The pressure is there but I love it, and hate it at the same time. I told myself that in future, the only time which I would quit the job is when I stop feeling challenged.

Overall I learnt a lot but I felt I was not satisfied with my own performance. The school only gave us 7 weeks of intern. I was so mad. I felt that like if there was more time, there would be more chances for me to undertake heavier projects and prove myself.

Building my portfolio during work is also my priority and my boss really drilled me by giving me extra work. Due to time constraint I finished only 2 extra projects, while working on maybe 5-6 company’s projects. It wasn’t that bad but like I said, they haven’t seen my full potential and it is such a pity…

2. 19th Birthday

Post can be read HERE.

3. Clubbing for the first time

First of all, July was the worst month of the year. I remembered there was not one day which I didn’t wake up feeling like a dark cloud has loomed over me. It was also the time my girl friends suggested clubbing and I went drinking quite often. I felt I wasn’t right with God. In the end God showed me His faithfulness and I picked my way up really quickly but oh wells here’s a story for another time. I still drink now but I do it with the right intentions.

So anyway I tried clubbing for the first time in 2016. I went to Atlantis Music festival @ sentosa wavehouse, Attica and Zouk. I’m not the kind that will dash to clubs first day after I turn 18, but it was a super eye opening experience.

Decided to club hop one night with LK but guess what. True fact is I didn’t manage to get into Zouk at all haha. Until now, I never really stepped into the old Zouk nightclub. Story started when I found out I forgot to bring my NRIC and the bouncers at Zouk were really strict, they didn’t accept ezlink cards or anything, even though we pleaded with them and I clearly looked 19.

I was about ready to lose all hope and ready to go home, but the look of disappointment must be really obvious on my face when my friend LK asked, “Do you really wanna go in? Will that make you happy?”

Tbh I came with such anticipation and yes, I told him honestly I was quite desperate to get in.

“C’mon, let’s just find a girl that really looks like you.” he scanned around the crowd.
“Are you sure? Is that even a good idea? I can go home and take my ID and come back again.”

In the end after much persuasion I bought his idea HAHAHA. Pretty rebellious but I was never rebellious for even once in my life so we decided to try our luck. I’m 19, so it’s not breaking the rules by entering the club anyway.

He approached a girl, and she agreed to use her ID to get an entry pass for me. She used her ID but in the end instead of getting an entry pass (that I can borrow), she came back with an invisible stamp on her hand that can only be seen under UV light. We should have known because there’s no way I can go in if it’s by stamping! Unless I take her ID and go there of course, but I don’t have balls HAHA. #FirstTimeClubberIgnorance

She tried to rub some of the stamp ink on my arm while it’s still fresh and I just boldly went to the other queue at the far end, where people line up to go into Zouk.

“If can just go in, if cannot, don’t force it uh.” LK whispered over to me and pointed at this sign. I glanced over and it said, “Fake ID holders will be handed over to the police.” Chills just went down my spine.

The bouncer shone the light at my arm and only a little of the Zouk stamp was revealed. The other clearer stamp was from Attica. I think it’s so obvious that I cheated hahahah…

“Maybe I sweated and it smudged, could you just let me in?”

The bouncer looked at me in disbelief.

LK was queuing behind me and he chipped in, “Are you sure? She was before me. I saw one of your staff stamp her hand.” I was so relived he gave me something like a witness account to prove my point HAHAHA.

But the bouncer wasn’t so easy. I think they’re like trained or something because Zouk bouncers are seriously not fun to mess with man. “Which staff stamped you?” he questioned me.

“The one over there,” LK helped me answer then he pointed to this guy in the far distance, from the other queue where people are being stamped.

Guess what the bouncer did. He freaking took out his walkie talkie, and attempted to call his colleague over to verify. People behind me were sort of raging because we’re taking so long to get in. The queue started gazing at us and I feel pressured.

I think the guy over there did not answer his walkie talkie, so the bouncer said, “Show me your NRIC now please.” Of course we continued to beat around the bush, finding excuses but he remained freaking firm, we got a “No, I’m asking for her NRIC. This is an attempt to break in to Zouk.”

I started to panic because my NRIC is obviously at home! I was at the front of the queue, shivering, it was LK’s idea, but I never felt so…caught in something.

I stayed silent. I have nothing else to defend my case.

“Stay here,” he said. “Don’t move.”
The bouncer turned around to talk to his staff, I think he’s telling him about the situation and it does not look good at all. At that moment LK pushed me and with urgency in his voice he said, “just go.”

Oh fuck I really ran.
I did not know if they chased after me but I pushed my way through the crowd, and away from Zouk. I ran for what seems like ages and I did not know where to stop, nor did I know where I was going.

At first I hid at a dark stairwell. I came out 10 minutes later because I started to worry about LK because he’s stuck at Zouk; and I did not know if he could get out. I did not know how the security would react if they found me missing and, if he would be held responsible or not. What scares me is the possibility of me getting detained or anything. I had a flight to HongKong to catch the next morning. I cannot afford for anything to happen or delay my arrival to the airport.

After LK finally found me, he took one fucking hour to calm me down. I felt terrible for getting him into this mess and kept saying sorry. He replied that it’s a small matter, and he really doesn’t care, and that even though we didn’t get to go in but it was a unique experience to remember in years to come. Which I think it’s quite true hahaha. It’s quite a pity I never got to enter the old Zouk, but each time people ask me about my first clubbing experience, I’ll have some fun and interesting story to recount. Like now 🙂

When I walk past Zouk nowadays I would think of this too. Its scary in the moment but it’s really fun and funny to reflect back on your youth and say, “those were the stupid days.” HHAHAAH.

4. Hong Kong trip with Celia

Yes so the next day I did manage to make it to Hong Kong in time! Going to HK has been my dream for a long time and it seems surreal when we landed there, I felt like I was in a TVB drama or something. I’ve beeen a fan of HK dramas for a long time and to see some of the sets in real life is the greatest joy.

Full HK Post can be read HERE.

5. Baptism

Post can be read HERE.

6. Myanmar Mission Trip

Had the pleasure to tag along for PL’s mission trip in Myanmar, Pyay, a village 6 hours drive from the city of Yangon. This trip was pivotal for me because I’m really thankful for the villagers in Pyay for accepting/including me into the community and loving the team like their very own people.

I haven’t had the time to write a post for it yet, but pre-trip thoughts could be read HERE.

I’ll miss this place so so much.

2016 was the year that I discovered my passion for missions. I checked out GoServe, an organisation run by SP that is passionate about going places and serving others. I wanted to apply but all the application dates were closed. I just wished I could have discovered GoServe earlier or was more passionate about overseas community service earlier. Now that I’m graduating, I don’t really have much time left to offer my services to SP hahaha. Previously I couldn’t even care less tbh.

And this was one thing I realised in late 2016:
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I swallowed. I had never thought of it that way. That if volunteering was God’s purpose for me, He would also equip my body with the strength to do it. All I have to do is ask for it. And God, in all His mercy and grace, would give me the necessary skills and physical strength to carry out His work.

It’s so beautiful because it ties in loving others with loving yourself and loving God. I never thought of it that way but now I see how helping the kids of Myanmar can help me love myself, love others, and in turn, help me in my redemption. That’s why I’m so motivated to help kids!!!

7. Thailand, Khao Yai Holiday Trip

To be honest I am super satisfied with 2016 because this has been the year that I have travelled the most. It is the year filled with most adventures. I have not been to many places but so far I’ve been to:

Thailand (bangkok, khao yai)

Hong Kong
Myanmar (yangon, pyay)
Indonesia (bintan)
Australia (perth)
Malaysia (JB, KL, Ipoh, Port dickson, Genting, Malacca)

I don’t find it’s that many places but some people tell me I’m quite well travelled. Well I’ll leave you to decide hahaha.


1. Gym
I want to keep fit. I am gymming now, but I feel it’s not enough. Really. I need to pick up speed and exercise more often to be healthier. I know I’m not fat but I am very scared of “skinny fat” actually. It’s scarier cos you can’t see the fats and you don’t actually know your health condition. Skinny doesn’t equals healthy…and exercise actually makes me happier so why not!

2. Wash hair on alternate days
This seems weird I know. But it’s also pretty self explanatory. My current hair washing routine is quite screwed up actually.

3. Sleep early
Like around 11pm. Also pretty self explanatory. For health reasons too! It’s ironical I’m typing this at 3am and it’s 2017 already.

4. Read the whole bible
I know I have lots of non Christian friends but I’m not afraid to say this nor am I afraid they’ll judge. I mean of course I’m not a very holy person HAHA but I find being spiritual helps.

5. Adopt logotherapy
I read Man’s search for meaning by Victor E. Frankl and I would say it’s the most influential book I read all year. I want to try adopting his mindset and solutions to life’s issues. I have a good feeling about this hehe.

6. Consider joining SAF volunteer corps
Super radical but I’m considering. Because I’m graduating this year and may want to do something meaningful before I actually proceed to work/study…I feel SAF volunteer corps is a really good exposure to a new environment, new experiences and it may even surprise me and help me realise parts of me which I never knew existed. I have friends who joined and said that it’s beneficial to their overall well being and development.

It trains us to become stronger and more self-reliant, trains us to have a love for the nation and to be more resilient and responsible. I think it’s good for my independence haha. I’ve always respected the female volunteers because I feel they’re those brave people that do not place so much importance on materialistic things.

7. 2017 commitments
I’ve made some 2017 commitments which I promised other people. One of them is joining the church vocal. I told Ariela many times I can’t sing already but they still insist I join hahaha. So ok I shall just do it with a willing heart. Another commitment was Concordia escape room event but I dropped out cos I felt the trainings were too taxing. Good Job grace…3rd day of school and I already chose to opt out. But it’s also because I wanted more time to plan for FYP. I did make some commitments in LEO club and also in SP Open House tho, so let’s see how they go! Excited 🙂

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