Motivation, motivation, motivation

This weekend has been nothing but motivation.

It was a really exhausting, fun-filled and well spent weekend. Most of which are spent attending art events, open houses and visiting museums. This week is Singapore Art Week so we are all super hyped too! Kicked off TGIF with the class girls @ Gillman Barracks, where the Art after Dark event was held.

And this was just the start. On Saturday, I visited Laselle’s Open house with Charis, Charlene and Trisha. Then I met Nab at dbg where we walked to National Museum to get some inspirations for our FYP. Finally at night I met my mum and we went to National gallery to see even more exhibits.

Pretty insane huh?

It’s my mum’s first time at National Gallery, so she was super amazed to see all the great interior of the building. Saturday was pretty intense because my mind was constantly trying to decipher and break down all the infomation and galleries that blown me away. My favourite was the National Museum’s “What is not visible is not invisible.” This one I went with Nab. I felt that it was very paradoxical.

After which at National gallery, Mum and I met a fellow Singaporean Malay along the way who works at Singapore Tourism Board. She talks about how her work requires her to travel often and she’s a really passionate woman, esp regarding history. Many of the artworks/installations I saw were greatly inspired by Singapore history.

However I would say Laselle Open House got me the most inspired, seriously. Their self branding really draws my attention because I have just submitted a similar assignment not too long ago. Seeing their works make me want to rip my own work apart HAHA. Also, seeing their standard of graphic design and fine arts really motivated me to just buy a canvas and start painting/drawing or something. I loveeeee to fill my soul with these kind of stuffs. And also they had their CPJs on display!!! Which I am thankful for because I am required to do CPJ for FYP too. I am really determined to do a good job this time round. I took some pictures of their works to remind myself that I can do it and this is the standard I set for myself, if not better.

I need to up my game.

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