Today was my last lecture in Singapore Polytechnic.

It’s pretty nostalgic and surreal to see everything flew by so fast, it feels as if a while ago I was sitting around T514 (the old studios) having my very first visual arts class. It feels as if common foundation wasn’t gone for very long ago.

I’m a little salty about graduating because of a few various reasons.

  1. I would miss my friends. Like, really, miss their company. We were a bunch of 10 in a clique. They were the first like-minded people who shared the same passions as me in my whole 19 years of life. There were also the first clique that I joined that truly made me feel like home, out of the endless cliques through pri and sec school.

  2. The government will cut our concession soon. I’m very salty about this. I tried adult fare for a few months before i entered poly and it was the worst suckhole for my allowance, ever.

  3. I could never enjoy student rates at 18 chefs, student deals at expo fairs and student discounts in shopping malls. I would also have to pay more to get into places of interests, museums and many many other places. Being reaped of your student rights is one of the most heartbreaking thing ever. It wasn’t so much so because of the money—albeit it does play a factor—but it was so because of the feeling and privileges of being a student. It’s about feeling special and the thought that, “hey, I’m cared for.” It hurts to admit that you finally have to grow up and people would just throw you out there to support yourself.

  4. Change in status. We would immediately change from being “students” to “unemployed”. And good luck if people ask you what are you doing in your future, or maybe a “What do you do?” is enough to break you into a full blown meltdown.

  5. My ADOBE LICENSE. Some of my friends are already getting their adobe student license cut off. I take all my words back from the above. THIS LIL SHIT HURTS THE MOST. Designers would know how Adobe softwares (photoshop, illustrator, etc) are important to us and without them, we practically couldn’t be who we are anymore. The school pays for these now and we are members of Adobe Creative Cloud under a student license, means we don’t have to pay a single cent. However, when we graduate, our license immediately gets revoked. And mind you, these softwares are not cheap. They are $40++ per month and having to fork out that money out of your ass just hurts like a bitch…but we really need them to function.

My chat with zaf.


loooooll. She say she’s aunty ahhaha.

But anyways, these are just some pre-graduation thoughts and pre-graduation blues that I can’t seem to get rid of ever since the semester started. It pains me and not knowing what the future has in store pains me even more. I’ll leave more thoughts for the real graduation post that will definitely be up in May when I graduate, talking about the 3 years in poly and I will really summarise everything then.

Alamak its 10am now. Have to get to school!

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