Hi, Wordpress

Hi my faithful readers!!

I have moved here in WordPress for some time now (around 2-3 weeks) and I’m very sorry I only had time to churn out this post at this timing.

I have decided to move in to WordPress after months and months of considering.

I started to have thoughts of documenting my life in WordPress in early 2016 when I used wordpress as a private blog, and I really love its phone app (which made blogging way more convenient) and also the best feature of them all—they allow password protected posts. I love it simply because I often find myself drafting out something yet not finding the courage to post it in Blogger because I felt very vulnerable with the fact that I really don’t know who is reading that blog. As a result, I have accumulated of almost 50 drafts there 😂 Now with password protected posts, i can give passwords to close friends and family or people whom I really trust to see certain posts.

Anyway, I’m not saying Blogger is bad or that I don’t trust my audience in general but I do love all of you and your tremendous support, whether I have met you in real life or not, or perhaps you reside in another country other than Singapore.

Honestly, leaving blogger has made me a little nostalgic since I have been with them for a long time. I had my first blog when I was 13. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs with blogger and I changed a few blogs in between. This blog in particular has been with me since I was 15, that’s makes this year the 6th year isn’t it! In total I have been with blogger for about 7-8years.

And yes I take blogging very seriously hahaha because it has been a platform for me to channel my life for peers, organise my thoughts and also to air my dirty linen (oops). I am going to work towards being more transparent and honest in blogging for 2017. Of course, sharing my failures and struggles would make me vulnerable and I am scared, everyday, but if what I say can inspire someone else or even encourage someone going through the same phase in life, then I am willing to do so.

This is something that I have never said before—I keep this blog in hopes that when I’m not here anymore, this blog would be a memory to my children, my loved ones or whoever that I shall dedicate it to. Pretty sensitive topic to think about especially when I’m so young but c’mon, who won’t think about death?!?! HAHA. Or it doesn’t have to be when we’re dead or anything, it could be for our children or younger juniors who wants to know what my life was like when I was younger. I might not be able to recall everything, but this blog will withstand the test of time. Something like a time capsule 🙂

So there you go—my ultimate aim in blogging.

I think writing is beautiful. It captures a moment, feelings experienced and things said. I think when people don’t express themselves—they die a little bit inside, one piece at a time. You’ll be surprised how many working adults are already dying inside because of the bitterness they have bottled up over the years. Peter Pan said growing up is a trap—and this blog was started at 15, meant to freeze time and to freeze the innocence of youth.

I’ve also changed my insta username to @graysfoo (grace foo, geddit?) and therefore, this blog URL. I find Grace Francesca Foo too long already..I took on the middle name francesca by myself because I often encounter Graces EVERYWHERE i go…there’s gonna be someone with the same name as me. Anyways, I couldn’t think of a better username already. It seems like my creativity has decreased with age HAHAHA. So Graysfoo is the only quirky pun I could think of that also seems classic and timeless (I don’t like changing it every now and then).

I have shifted all my posts from 2012 onwards here from my old blog!

So enjoy!

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