Million Reasons

Come to New York with me, my love.

We can travel to each state every month and in winter we shall go Christmas tree shopping and then get our own fireplace. Under the fairy lights, in the Christmas market, you shall dance amidst the crowd and pull me in where there is savage merrymaking.

Come to Italy, my love.

Give me a million reasons for the wind to blow in my hair while rowing down Venice to the hotel where I can soak in a hot bath. Then we can stand in the balcony and talk until the night grows old.

Come to China, my love.

Take me to the forbidden city and tell me all the stories. I will find a place to play my Guzheng and I will play 12 pages of <嫦娥奔月> without looking at the scores. You will, no, you must be impressed.

Come away with me, give me a million reasons.

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