Subscribed to Netflix today and went to download the app immediately to start browsing. As I open the app, I caught glances of “Shawshank Redemption”, classics like “Before Sunrise”, Casablanca”, “breakfast at Tiffany’s”….
As I begin to take sense of what’s really happening after having left Netflix for so long, my fingers were trembling with excitement as I scrambled to browse around, just like a moth drawn to a flame.

I cannot ignore the calling by those movies and classic films. I have always adored movies that are related to war, movies that are emotionally intense and inspiring. Come to think of it, it is surprising I used to love watching romance and chick flicks, a far cry from the films I watch now which has much darker themes.

Saw a video about The Holocaust and Nazi Concentration camps on Facebook today and left a comment:

“Never shared anything like this before but I think this deserves a share. Having taken an unexplainable and peculiar interest to history and war these days, Im fascinated especially about the Holocaust as well as Japanese occupation. I was interested in the lives of the people and how they coped. I think the hardest thing is not to lose faith in humanity despite all the hell they have gone through. “They couldn’t remove my soul. They couldn’t remove my integrity, that I managed to maintain.” It requires great tenacity to survive and as Victor Frankl said: they can reap you out of all your freedom, processions and daily needs; but freedom is never lost if you still have the freedom to respond to your difficult circumstances.”

I am starting to fall in love with war movies because of the themes in the plot: the friendship, the loyalty, power, majestic strength and courage that not only led me to contemplate about life and death; but also most importantly, about the human race as a whole. Previously, I have always loved war movies solely based on their action scenes—other than that I felt like sleeping during the dialogues. However, I cannot ignore this now. Don’t get me wrong, I still love watching chick flicks and stuff—they’re funny and entertaining—but as I grew up, I felt that my worldview has changed, and I needed something heavier…something more to feed my soul.

What about the classics from the 1940s, 1960s? I have always loved Breakfast at Tiffany’s too. Gotta rewatch this someday and understand it from a new perspective again man. I’m so excited. Bullshitted my way through to the personnel just to get one month free trial of Netflix. What a loadof bullcrap…but I have my ways 😏

PS/ I really do not understand people that don’t appreciate movies. I personally think its fine if you can’t appreciate books, art, or literature (unconventional things in particular) because not everyone is wired that way, but music and movies?? c’mon. I have met people that usually don’t budge when I recommend a movie to them and (that’s okay tho), but to just watch one movie for the sake of the storyline and forget it the minute you walk out of the cinema…is just…too harsh. I can’t.

If you don’t truly take interest in the stories of another, read enough books or watch enough movies, then you have only lived once.

Beautifully Crafted Films are truly an art, we will all become wiser if we allow them to be our teacher.

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