One of the days

我看《义海豪情》已看到了中央,差不多12 13 集左右;




可是现在返回看,晴晴是最勇敢最坚强的。她那种‘勇敢’和九姑娘的那种勇敢很不同,晴晴的勇气是那种静静,低调却拥有巨大的力量。这种 strength in weakness 多么令人敬佩。


他们那种简单,不求回报的爱: 是在以前人的生活时代才有的,现代真的很罕有。

Went to print stuff today and nothing went as planned. In the end, I not only didn’t manage to print but also didn’t manage to submit my claim form. Dashed around bugis, went back to school then rushed back to bugis again in a vile attempt to get things done but everything became nothing but a wild goose chase when my efforts were futile and no work was done in the end. This continued for 7 hours, from 3pm to 10pm.

Today was one of the days I felt so angry with myself. Blame it on my forgetfulness I left my stuff in school so I had to go back to take it again, blame it on my sheer bad luck that the printer jammed so I couldn’t print, today was one of those days where its really easy to blame God. Arrived home at 11pm feeling dead beat.

Why do I always feel that I have to put in 100x extra effort to get things that I need, and even more effort to get things that I want?

The only good thing that happened today was my late dinner @ 9pm @ Sunshine plaza @ at tiny little cafe. It was late and not a single soul was inside the shop, except the owner who welcomed me warmly.

“…are you guys closing? I can leave if you-” I felt awkward.

“No, no, what would you like?”

“..Do you guys sell any full meals?” I asked embarrassingly, after having looked at the shop properly and realise it was a cafe selling waffles and ice cream.

He called his wife over and she made sesame ramen for me. She even allowed me to customise it and took the pains to just cook a $4.50 meal for me even though I was the last person in the shop. He washed the dishes then his wife cooked for me. In that small shop, I instantly felt like a fireplace was burning in the midst of all the coldness and bitterness I have experienced that day. His kids sat opposite me. That’s when I realised this is a cafe most probably owned by a family, like a family business sort of thing.

“Late dinner for you? Why so late?” He was a really fatherly figure and I could see the concern in his tone of voice. It makes me feel like home after a long day and even if I couldn’t be home now, I could think of home then.

So that is how you salvage someone’s bad day…. 😭

Why be so pessimistic?

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