Prophetic Art

Well spent Saturday morning with my first Prophetic Art class lesson. Haven’t painted in such a long time and didn’t know what to expect. Yesterday as I picked up the paper and paintbrush, my hand was trembling-not from fear but from anticipation. I have painted, but not in this manner, not in this setting, not with this motivation.


Both artworks are done acrylic on paper.



Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
—psalms 23:4



Fun fact: I spent close to an hour on the previous piece, but it wasn’t very well received. Spent 10mins on this piece and it was chosen by the teacher hahahah. Many people came up to me and told me it was intriguing afterwards. Really?? However I do believe that this piece conveys more emotion and character than the first piece.

I used my nails to create bold, black strokes that represent the evil of the world and outside influences that are constantly raining down upon a Christian’s life, challenging it, threatening to pierce it like a sword. I used my nails to create the strokes because my nails has been a symbol of rebellion towards my parents, a way of expressionism to the liberated world. I grew them out in my vanity and refused to cut it, it was also my disobedience towards my parents in the past. However, although they threaten to choke us up, we do not despair.

The huge waves on both sides are like God’s mercy and love which shields us and envelopes us from the storm. Calm waters below will still flow, and we rest in them, we do not fear.

I’ve learned just so much in one lesson, so excited for the next! The difference between prophetic art and the normal art class is that Prophetic art is actually working with the Holy Spirit & your spirituality to create art pieces. What we do is we meditate on the Word, teachers would play some music and we just draw the first vision that comes to mind. It could be really surreal. In the making of prophetic art, it is not so much of the end artwork but the process of creating it. The atmosphere is something like yoga hahaha. It’s reaaaaally way relaxing, and through creating the artwork we see revelations of God’s truths, we see transformation and breakthroughs in our own lives.

If there’s one thing I learnt yesterday, its “don’t be afraid to ask God for more”. I think I’ve always held back because I felt doubtful and I think I don’t deserve anything.

Prophetic Art is so therapeutic, but most of all it lets me create intimacy with my Lord. 😌

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