Today as I was scrolling through Facebook, I chanced upon a video one of my friends shared about the Syrian attack. Was immediately drawn to it because I was reading about the Syrian civil war a few days ago that has been going on for quite some time.

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I think having this conversation just brightened my whole day. I immediately couldn’t resist to leave a comment. It pains me, so so much to hear stories like this. And it saddens me honestly, that humans are so self centred creatures cooped up in their own little world, swimming in their pool of problems. Not to say I have no problems but sometimes, helping people can really help yourself because you take your narrow minded mind off yourself, to concentrate more on others. Some of them are my close friends and its really disappointing 😦 I don’t want to seem like I’m forcing my beliefs on them or not cos I believe ultimately helping the world is a personal choice, not an obligation BUT I would still like to see my friends care. It is honestly very encouraging to hear that your friends would work for the same cause as you.

Went to AJ+ page and found out their causes!!! At that moment I decided to sincerely support them because…well, they believe in what I believe in.

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救得一个得一个. It doesn’t matter if you can’t save all, you can save one at a time.

Your voice might be louder than you think.