My profession

This is one of the best things I have read about my profession over the weekend.

“Creativity is the ultimate renewable resource. In a world that is resource-challenged, you will always have an idea. There is never a bad time for a good idea,” he said pointing to economic benefits flowing from the creative industries globally. “Design can give you a competitive advantage and can be a unique differentiator for the economy.”

“Ideas are currency and a country’s most valuable capital. The real estate between your ears is vital,” he said, noting “the real gold is not mined three kilometers below Johannesburg; the real gold is walking on the streets of Johannesburg. “

Advice for young designers starting out:

Adrián Cohan: “Design is not an art. It’s a profession, and you need to be passionate about design to overcome the problems that arise. You need to get really involved in it if you want to succeed.”

Darlie Koshy: “Designers should stay away from copying at all costs and believe in originality even if success is delayed or a flood of work does not come their way. To succeed, designers need to know their customers and the materials they work with. It is a tough profession. Even a small mistake can completely damage a product and eventually cause irreparable harm to a designers’ reputation.”

Ravi Naidoo: “Out of the deeply personal comes the universal. Solve your problem, solve the problem on your street and you may find that your solution is relevant to 10,000 streets. When you design for 10,000 streets, you design for no street, but when you design for your street, it could be applicable to 10,000 of them.”

I love it a lot.

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