Thailand Trip: Bangkok & KhaoYai (Part 3)

Finally at the last part of this series!
You can read part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE.



Awoke in Botanica Hotel then went to have breakfast. I loved this hotel out of the 5 hotels I’ve lived in so far. This is the 5th for this month. 4 cities and 2 countries for the month of December sounds really fulfilling and surreal for a person like me. I’m really unbelievably happy for this experience, that it broke my record of staying in so many places. Mornings in Khao Yai are usually very cold, like 18 degrees.


Today is the day we checked out and is going to return to BKK! As said previously, it is also the day where I ditched my meds completely. Couldn’t take it anymore. Milk and diary products are my life. Weeeeee~I can eat them now. The main reason was because of the fact that I puked yesterday and I decided the western medicine wasn’t helping me anymore. I usually go for chinese medicine but my doctor wasn’t open back then and the only clinic I could stop by in Singapore was the Western one.



We went to a lot of this series of outlet stores in the morning and did MAJOR SHOPPING…I enjoyed this part so much because its retail therapy! There are a lot of brands there, including converse, Nike, Adidas, Levi’s…mostly action/ sportswear. The place is called premium outlet Khao Yai and they sell authentic and branded goods. It’s open daily 10am-8pm, and we can save up to 80% off there!! Can you believe it, they’re even open on Christmas Day.


I brought my very first Beverly Hills polo shirt. Very classic HAHA. Bought an extra one for LK because I think he likes white shirts like that. I think it stands out against his dark skin colour lololol pls don’t tell him this (I don’t think he will read) It’s my first time buying clothes for him. Didn’t manage to do it in HK. I just hope I got his size correct. Fingers crossed! We also went to buy stuff for Russell, and dad bought stuff for his colleagues….mum & I also went bra shopping. The bras and lingerie were all so cute! Not going to say how much I spent on undergarments there because if not y’all gonna judge me. After the 2 hours shopping sesh everyone got ice cream but I couldn’t satisfy my cravings yet again because of my stomach. Arghh. I swear I was damn tempted every second of the trip because BKK=good food!


Our bus dropped by this place called “The Art On Dream Land” after the outlet store shopping! I stayed in the bus with my eldest Aunt cos it was too hot and I was too lazy to go down. I was really annoyed when I don’t get long bus rides and I hate bus rides being interrupted every now and then asking us to go down. I don’t like to move my ass 😦




After that we went for lunch! Our tour guide read out the menu on the bus and fml it was ALL spicy or black pepper or fried food or tumyum. Then he added, “That place is also famous for its milk and yogurt, so you can get some after you eat.” FML x100000 because it stabs me in my heart so bad!! Just ouch when you can’t eat chilled stuff, just ouch. Do you understand why I’m so upset throughout the trip, when you can see and smell good food but not eat them HAIH

Anyway, our lunch place turned out to be very atas as usual & well lit, well decorated with florals and there’s even a treehouse outside! Lunch was not bad though I couldn’t eat most of the stuff but I made do with whatever I could eat. After lunch dad bought 2 cups of ice cream and I chose my flavours—they had really special flavours like gooseberry, lavender, marshmallow etc! We even got to keep the Christmas themed porcelain cups afterwards.



After lunch we had our bus ride back to BKK. My tour guide began talking more about Thailand. He says the average salary is not a lot in Thailand and his mum is actually 60 years old; yet only earns 500 baht a month. I felt so guilty. I spent 1000+ baht in a single day here over a bottle of perfume. Also, the reason why Thai street food stalls are still around is because many of the people use this line of business as their side income.


(macdonalds in Thailand…)

Our tour guide went on to say how he heard that in Singapore, the salary is high and that’s also because we pay higher taxes. The SG government then use these taxes to build good roads, better facilities and to ensure our welfare. The standard of living is really high in Singapore and he said, “In Thailand, our traffic is the 2nd worst in the world! The worst is Mexico and 3rd worst is Turkey.” I was surprised because I honestly found Thailand not that bad! I think they are already doing really good as a developing nation. Compared to Myanmar, Cambodia or even Laos, Thailand is much more developed and vibrant.



Our bus stopped at this restaurant near central Bangkok to have an early dinner. We met up with Uncle Sam again! Dinner was ok with some veg, meat etc. Just the usuals. Nothing too fancy even though I expected Christmas to be more vibrant and “kwazhang” than Christmas Eve itself but we spent most of the day travelling back. Christmas Eve was it then. The best and most exciting day!



We checked in to Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel. They led us into this private room for check in and were provided hot towels and drinks…this hotel was scarily grand and super luxurious. I felt like I was on board a cruise! Their game is seriously high. And then when we went up to our rooms, there were drinks and freebies and lots of freebies like coffee packets, tea sachets etc. Apart from the usual body wash, shampoo and conditioner, they also gave free sewing kit, razor kits etc. Not to mention a big TV…I’m super impressed.


Their whole hotel was filled with illustrations like this on walls, ceilings etc and the colour scheme is really pretty!


Also, their Christmas decorations were also 100 marks. They led us towards the back garden area where we’ll be having breakfast tomorrow morning. The whole place was filled with fairy lights and more decorations as well as a pond.


Thanks to my family and relatives, everything about this trip is just very magical: the accommodation, dining, scenery…!!I want to cry I feel like a million bucks we all lived like Kings & Queens for the past few days!!


IMG_2017-01-15 22:18:36


I finally had a bathtub bath for what seems like 78237492 years. Bathing is such a luxury. It was so shiok!! Then after I bathed dad came knocking and said he wanted to go out. And off we went, just mum, dad & I.


We went to see the BKK night life and since we’re staying near town, we passed by the 4 faced Buddha. It was so surreal seeing it in real life after reading about it in the news a year ago. It was so crowded and many people were also praying to the 4 faced Buddha. What an irony praying to Buddha on Christmas day….our tour guide even said previously that if we want to pray to the 4 faced Buddha, we can. He didn’t know most of us on the bus are Christians and…even suggested to us where we can get our flowers and garments for worshipping! Just found it amusing ahaha no offence. I was waiting for my aunts or uncles to correct him but I guess nobody did.


Went to a small night market near central world and brought pineapples yo!! As for Central world, it is lit up with Christmas trees and it’s like the Orchard Road of Bangkok. Flooded with so many people taking photos, and a congested traffic. We walked for some distance before sweating like crazy because the weather in BKK is 34 degrees.


I had no choice but to charge my phone in the lobby upon returning back to the hotel because I don’t have a travel adaptor…they are so nice to charge for me….with no extra fee 😀 Here is a photo of me at the hotel lobby with a picture of the Thai King behind me haahah….Goodnight!



Up for some morning shopping after breakfast! We took the BTS from Chit Lom, 3 stations down for some shopping at Terminal 21. There MRT there is called BTS (no it’s not the kpop group lol) Uncle Edwin joked saying its Bullshit Train System. Very funny haha.


Something happened in t21 that really tested my patience. So my mum took a long trip to the supermarket and before going she asked me if I wanted to tag along with her. I said no, because I know her obsession with fruits and vegetables and knew that if I agreed I’ll be voluntarily signing up for a bored fest of endless standing around and waiting for her to complete buying her stuff. Just that this time, I didn’t expect her to take THAT long. It was crazy. That is precisely why I didn’t wanna go when she asked me to tag along and now it’s worse because I have to wait doing nothing. She took everything with her: my pencil case, my book…so I can’t do anything while waiting. I hate wasting time and yet I can’t even listen to music, my most basic form of entertainment. I stupidly left my earpieces in the hotel…


i know I am 80% to blame for this boring sesh but I was angry at myself cos it seems everytime I go overseas I would always lose something. In HK, it was my bus tickets. In Myanmar, it was my keds shoes and travel adaptor. And now, it’s my earpiece. My phone also died by then, so the ride to the airport and on the plane I was electronic-less. Didn’t want to ask my tour guide for another power charge because it’s the last day anyway and I felt very paiseh already. I checked Anantara hotel one last time when I’m checking out, and also asked the reception for my earpiece, but they said they hadn’t found any. 😦

IMG_2017-01-16 22:46:47

Call us cheapskate but my mum took all these from hotel…HAHHAA. We changed 3 hotels so it was really fun collecting all these. Please don’t judge hahaha yes I admit we are aunties. Anyway I’m really happy with my loots! Bought a halter neck from Brandy Melville and also a travel pillow. And LK, as if sensing I need one, gave me another travel pillow when I met him for dinner after touching down to Singapore.


As we were travelling to the airport, we passed by the biggest stadium in Thailand. Our tour guide told us that it can house 50,000 people and that Lady gaga held her concert here. He also said that football is the most popular sport in Thailand and gave us random facts like how Thai people like fair skin and would do anything to get that standard of beauty. There’s this kind of medicine that teenagers like to take to change their skin colour into a lighter shade and make themselves look fairer.

“In Thailand there are only 3 seasons: hot, hotter, and hottest.” HAHHAHA. He also introduced us to Chiang Rai. He said maybe if we go up to Chiang Rai it would be colder up there and we can see frost on the glass. There’s no snow in Thailand, and he shared how he has never seen snow before and would like to see it in real life one day, maybe in Japan or China.


He also recommended us places like Chiang Mai, which is famous for their pandas. And we have Phuket, which are famous for their beaches and is recently so popular amongst Singaporeans. Did you know? Phuket is about the size of Singapore. My tour guide says Thailand’s main income is actually from tourists, with the no. 1 tourists being people from China, followed by Russia, then people in Europe. They want to see the real lifestyle of the locals in Thailand.

There are a lot of Russians in Pattaya during this time of the month (December) because they would love to escape from the cold weather back in their country. Pattaya is also like the “red light district” of Thailand and the prostitutes are mainly from North Thailand (just for ur info readers). Now Thailand has a new King. Our tour guide says that he hopes the King can resolve the drug issue in Thailand asap because these drugs are mainly imported from Myanmar (Burma). I knew it. When I went to Burma I saw so many people taking drugs. There are no casinos in Thailand, but the people love to gamble and you can spot street gambling everywhere. Again, our tour guide presents his opinion, thinking casinos are the best because it can attract tourists, bring in revenue for the country and also provide Thai people with a safe place to gamble. However, it is not so easy as the upper class don’t really like to gamble in the same place as the middle and lower class.

Halfway through my tour guide started saying, “When you travel in a big family like this, it reminds me of when I was young…” he drifted off. He says that he’s very happy to see our whole family gathered together for the trip and he can really sense the warmth in our family. Of course I enjoy family company more than friends but sometimes both have their pros and cons. For example, going out with friends grants me more freedom. Anyway, when my tour guide talks about family he begun to have tears in his eyes. He said that he used to have such a big and warm family when he was little.

“I think of my grandmum but now she’s not here anymore.” As years passed, people passed away and people left. Things happen and he doesn’t have such a big family anymore. He also said the songs sung by my dad actually reminded him of his own dad that passed away 2 years ago. The type and genre of songs they sung were similar. He wished us good health and hopes for us to have this warm and lovely family forever. At this point he was at the brink of tears and he apologised but we all told him its okay to cry and that we understand. Uncle handed him a small token of appreciation for being our tour guide. He’s really a nice and informative tour guide and I hope everything goes well for him wherever he goes :’)



I can definitely say that the experience is very precious and I’ve enjoyed a lot from this trip. It could’ve been better if it weren’t for my stomach flu and my parents’ constant squabbling through the trip. The happiest parts of my trip was none other than Asiatique and shopping at MBK, Siam Paragon and on the first day, both when I split up with my family. Tbh I expected myself to enjoy the Thailand trip more than the Myanmar trip because it’ll be more luxurious (turns out it really is) but I’m surprised that I enjoyed the Myanmar trip more. Both are good, with good quality time spent with loved ones, friends and church members but I definitely had more happy moments in Myanmar than in Thailand. I don’t know, maybe it could be the people I’m travelling with, or maybe because I didn’t get enough bonding time with my cousins and felt really dissatisfied. Or maybe it’s because there are more tear-jerking moments of joy in Myanmar. I live for moments like these. I guess I couldn’t really compare the two fairly because I’m there for very different reasons. One is for the sole purpose of serving and helping underprivileged people while the other is purely to let loose and unwind.

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