Just finished watching eat pray love.

I just watched this movie earlier last year, and watching it again brings back so much love, so much hope and my heart is so full. It always ignites the fire in me. I do not understand why people hate this movie so much. I have seen lots of negative reviews from my very own friends. Some say the main lead is too moody, always sad. They didn’t really understand her struggles I suppose. I have another friend who says eat pray love is too draggy….that Liz is naggy, elaborating everything into some two page long essay etc.

But i love it. Not that I love naggy people, but I love people who read the world this way.


I think I would like this to be said to me one day. It honestly feels very great. I’ve always hoped I can make a difference, as cliche as that sounds. If not, I feel indifferent.



My fav quote from the movie. Yaknow there are some people who are only meant to be in a chapter of our life, and not much more? Some people are meant to stay in your heart, and not in your life. This quote helps me cope with that.

…in order to seek “enlightenment”.

Gosh sounds like Buddha. Seeking enlightenment. HAHA.

I think liz is someone who resembles me a lot. Not common in the sense of what happens to us but rather common in the same type of people with the same desires. The same openness to people, willing to accept everyone I meet as a teacher. The idea of living like a gypsy has always appealed to me. Not my mother though. She is someone that seeks a comfortable, secure life, predictable and lacking of changes. I would say she is an anxious person that finds security in the constant.

Me on the other hand, finds security in the unpredictable. I’m scared when things come to a standstill because I hate living life in the same boring routine. I do not need a plan, nor money or fame. I don’t have to have a lot, just enough to get by and do good. But I need new things and I need to be constantly in touch with nature and the world. I think I’m adaptable, I’m lucky that leaving my comfort zone hadn’t been much of a real issue actually.

Let’s cross over.


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