They say if you travel far enough you’ll actually find yourself.


I don’t know, I felt like I have done well for quite a period of time, like about a year or so, and I don’t want history to repeat itself and I am not about to lose balance again.

Yes I’ve found myself, I’ve lived harder and smiled brighter…I’ve crossed over and proven myself a lot of things I couldn’t do previously.

Thing is I feel myself dropping into square 1 lately, my heart itching to travel again: planning my next trip when I’m on my current one.

It’s so frustrating, it’s so frustrating that I kept getting controlled by the things that shouldn’t even bother me in the first place like social media. I want to create better content like vlogs, blogs, write better and post better stuff but I find myself failing and failing again. It’s so frustrating, God, you don’t know how frustrating it is when you just sit down and become so unproductive. Or, when you put in so much thought but it just doesn’t reap the results you want.

I’m supposed to feel inspired when I go to places. It boosts my creativity and it has always been that way. Now, even a simple thing like describing my trip and the feelings I felt then has become such a chore, an empty, hollow chore.

I don’t dread it. I really don’t.


I can smile brighter than this.

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