A stark contrast to the busy city life of Osaka & Tokyo, Kyoto exhibits an elegant, rustic charm that feels totally magical. The streets are almost empty in the night and early morning; giving me this strange peace that can’t be found anywhere else, certainly not in Singapore.


We visited Arashiyama Bamboo Forest at 7am in the morning, which was just 10mins walk away from our lodging in a traditional Japanese house. The bamboo forest is one of Kyoto’s top sights to capture, and along the way, we met a lot of photography enthusiasts with tripods and DSLRs, capturing beautiful landscapes and portraits of people.

Amid the towering bamboos is like being in another world totally enclosed to outsiders, an enchanting realm. It’s timeless beauty amazes me.

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I’m very scared now, I’m scared to enter my next phase of life, because I don’t want to look back in sadness at this place of sunshine.