Wizard of Oz

Today was a pretty eventful day.

I had things arranged from morning till night. Aside from a class and a lecture to attend, I packed my schedule with events in-between: attended a welcome BBQ session organised by the University mentors in the afternoon, met my Global Leadership Program (GLP) advisor to discuss some stuff, and went for a Global Leadership Program welcome session in the late evening after dinner. I had no idea what the hell is wrong with me that thought I could manage man, HAHAHHA. At the end of the day I was barely panting. Today’s been exciting, the kind of anticipating feeling you get when you start a new phase of life and everyday something NEW happens, there is no place for ROUTINE and definitely I felt as if doors opened to many opportunities ever since I entered University at another country.


Here’s Sarah, Nadia, Melanie and I during the BBQ! Who has BBQ in the afternoon man?? Hahaha, was expecting more food but company was great! Saw Yin Mei there too (yeah, basically my friends are all Malaysians and Singaporeans la) My mentor wasn’t there but I had such a great time catching up! We just talked about how Week 1 of school went, which, by the way—is worrying for me. I was settling some issues with my timetable and enrolment in Week 1 because I changed majors…and the system mixed up everything I couldn’t register for classes on time.

I missed ALL my classes on Week 1 and only attended ONE tutorial. Hence I was very worried about catching up this Week 2. I will talk more about this in my official “settling in” post, which I’ll be talking more about O week, moving here as well, BUT here are some of my compilations of unfortunate things which happened in Week 1&2 that could probably make up Grace’s series of unfortunate events:

-lost my baggage first day I arrived here
-lost my Opal (travel) card with lots of money in it on the 2nd week
-specs broke
-laptop died, charger spoilt (had to buy a new one for $109)
-developed bad rashes on my arms
-and yeah, this change of major thing which screwed up my timetable


Hahah aside from that, I had pretty much fun too okay! I think the fun bits still dominates though. I have not regretted a single bit coming over here.

In the evening I went for the Global Leadership Program welcome session. Yay I am part of them now! My advisor, Emily was reaaaally nice hahaha she’s been encouraging me even though I come across as really shy and unconfident that I can commit to the program’s intensive requirements.

Just some background info:

The Global Leadership Program (or GLP, for short) is one of our many extracurricular activities that allows students to become more involved in working in an international community while developing leadership skills, cross-cultural understanding and international awareness.

So basically, it is an opportunity for me to interact with people from across disciplines and perspectives to come together and think about global challenges and solutions. Which has been something I’m really interested in for a LONG, LONG time. Why I’m so on about this program is because it’s really flexible and lets me complete the requirements at my own time own target, allows me to customise the issues I want to focus on.

For example, I have been really interested issues like poverty and children in third world countries. Travelled to Myanmar twice for mission trips and my heart has been really bothered about issues like this and I hope to make a global impact. Thought of taking a gap year to do mission/humanitarian work full time but after I signed up for Uni, I thought this dream of mine had to be on hold. I just can’t believe Global Leadership program might open the door for me to do just that. I am also affected with issues relating to oppressed women. I can’t handle those stuff. You know, like child marriage, women forced into rape and prostitution?

FullSizeRender copy 2

I can’t believe this. When I first came here, I thought Sydney was crazy. The people here are SO diverse, much more diverse than Singapore; and now I’m one of the nationalities contributing to Sydney’s unique multiculturalism. I came here as an international student, and I didn’t expect that I could get more global than this. As I headed home I thought about planning the GLP requirements such that I could complete it in a year or so, and I’m not quite sure of myself. I thought of how I’ll have to do 5 workshops each semester but other people could do lesser, even less than 2-3 because they have more time to complete it. Those people have 3 years to complete it but I don’t have that much time. I don’t know if I can juggle classes, assignments, GLP, church, travelling and work.

I kinda doubt myself. I think I might quit halfway.


This was dinner from that crappy night. Looks ok but no. The chicken was uncooked on the inside, the egg I tried to make was uncooked on the inside and burnt on the outside, I threw all of them away and just ate plain white rice with veg after that.

I seldom failed dinner and I don’t know what’s wrong with me that night. I had got home late and groggy from the long, cold, lonely and hungry walk home. I live on top of a hill and it is 15 mins walk in the cold from the train station. It is horrible, without street lights and I get super paranoid when I walk in the dark. My hands would be freezing when I get home. I think I was hungry and that’s why I wanted to make dinner QUICK, and besides that, I was tired. I couldn’t care less HAHHAA. That was also the same night where my laptop died and my specs broke, so after that I got really done with life and just went to bed.


Sorry for the rant! That was just the most miserable part of my stay here so far. Wait till I get to the happy stuff in the next post! I’m still very satisfied of my life here (and cheap rent of course), and of course, can’t wait to share with you guys.

Tomorrow is Singapore’s National Day! Not something I used to appreciate very much when I live there, but now that I’m away, I miss her so much. Happy advanced birthday, dear Singapore!

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