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Hey hey!! Nothing much really, I’m just back with some updates. Ok, maybe some JUICY updates, about the change that lack of parents, freedom and city life brings.

Studying abroad is one thing, but living by yourself instead of in a student residential college is really independent living. No meals catered, no room service, no first aid.

  1. Rainy weather
    It was raining last night till this morning. I love staying at home with a book during rainy days. We get rainy days less often here, so I was really comfortable it rained and put on a cuddly hoodie. It makes me appreciate days like this more. The weather’s kinda chilly today but it seemed like I have gotten used to it. Last time, 20 degrees I’m already wrapping up and dying but now 15 degrees I’m like bring it on HELL YEA

    My housemate must have been a Wonderwoman. I don’t know how she sleeps at 3am and gets up at 6am. She sleeps later than me and gets up earlier than me. How?!?!

  2. Jabs
    Also, I finally gave up and went to see the doctor yesterday because my wounds were so painful and I was worried. Was praying so hard beforehand that the doctor will be nice and patient with me!! I was so scared because my bandage was stuck to my wounds and I don’t know how they would remove it. Turns out, they were not only nice, but they removed my wounds slowly (and called me brave yay). They suggested I take a vaccination against infection so I had a jab. Now, my whole left arm is sore and I find it funny how it actually hurts more than my wounds. Right leg wounded, left leg wounded, right hand wounded, left arm sore, what do I have left?
  3. Disney ball
    Disney ball was really fun with Sarah, Mel & Kerri. The food, the music, the photo booth, the costumes….everything was just so on point. And of course, Mel was really excited about the photobooth. We all agreed the best part was the photobooth so we took 10393580 pictures and printed them out but little did we know all our pictures (including our unglams) were uploaded to Disney Club’s Facebook page. Anyway, here are some of my favourites!
    22459220_1560493927346159_951362934711925970_oShhhh, Pretty little liars.

    22384121_1560482834013935_2582603774016605964_oReminds me of the b&w episode!

    22384228_1560483510680534_8436415878129136829_oFinally a solo shot. I loved it so much it is now my dp!

    They played alot of classics like “Can you feel the love tonight”, “let it go”, “Do you wanna build a snowman” and few songs from Moana while all of us danced. Throughout when Frozen songs were playing I thought of Janessa. She’s my good friend whom we were crazy about Frozen together when it first came out. We were 16 and would spend sleepovers doing Frozen voice overs and song covers together.

    We didn’t have the money to go buy/rent authentic Disney princess costumes so we came in the Hollywood glam style (they said we could anyway). HAHHA I didn’t have a lot of social events this October as compared to last few months, but Disney Ball was definitely enough to suffice.

  4. SSA committee
    I think I mentioned this before but I got into SSA committee as Media Director. Last week, I attended the Malaysian AGM to support my friend Tania in running for president. And guess what, she got elected! Super happy for her. The purpose of Singapore Students Association is to bring all Singaporean students together and foster closer and better relationships, so I just hope Singaporean and Malaysian society can work together more often to bring both associations to greater heights.
  5. Project Everest
    Project Everest. I have a lot of things to say about this one. Basically Project Everest is an organisation which organises trips to (usually) rural areas and recruits students on overseas volunteer trips for about 1-2months. They stand for the UN goals and when I learnt about it, I was initially very eager to participate. However, after I made the decision that I wanted to give a go at it, I realised that there were a lot of disadvantages and odds working against my favour. The price was one of them. To volunteer and help others, we have to pay Project Everest a minimum fee of about $2000++ which (from what they justify) covers our expenses, accomodation and stuff during the trip. Are you kidding me!? $2000++ AUD just to go to a rural area? And that’s when I discovered the 2nd disadvantage.Project Everest is a FOR PROFIT business organisation.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not painting them in a bad light. They have explained to me why they are for-profit and I completely feel that it is a valid and transparent reason to do so, to feed staff’s salaries and all. I have nothing against for-profit organisations but I feel uncomfortable working for one. That is because I highly believe volunteer work to be affordable, free, even for the poor. (give the poor the rights to help too, you know what I mean?) I don’t believe that mission work or humanitarian efforts are just meant for the rich. When I knew this trip would probably cost me $2000++, I wanted to search for possbilities to get funding from Uni, or from scholarships, but the chances seemed slim.But even so, I still had hope in project everest so I overlooked that. “Maybe the experience will be worth it,” I thought. I came up with a list of things to ask during the interview, questions like, “Do you deal with issues regarding oppressed women and children?”  I am highly interested in that, or even helping refugees, helping families recover from the trauma of war, or being a backpacking orphanage volunteer.

    To my dismay, none of the topics covered by project everest are of my interest. They rambled on about agriculture, infrastructure, healthcare….y’know stuff like this that has a engineering/science/environment focus that bores the shit out of me. I’m not saying that these are bad causes, they are certainly good for the world but sadly I’m not passionate enough about them. I like to deal with people directly. I know you could argue that agriculture/infrastructure/environment also deals with social causes that in turns impact people in the community, but it is not the same. I don’t know if you readers get what I mean but I like to work with people directly (teach english, education, food/water rationing), for them to feel my love.

    I don’t know, at that point, I just feel project Everest is very technical. Dealing with machines and high-end technology and stuff. Their branding, videos and everything are up there and on point, it almost feels like an entrepreneurship business model. They kept emphasising on “your development”, “you pay us $2000, we will train you”, “you’ll learn a lot”, “train leadership skills to impact and change the world”, it’s always me me me me which I absolutely detest; but never “let’s spread love to those young children out there”, or “people are in need”—so I felt they were focusing more on self-improvement rather than selflessness.

    And I knew if I joined, I would be the one receiving more than giving, and I would be gaining more than the less privileged.

    When asked about accommodation, I was given this reply, “Ohh, don’t you worry, I can guarantee you over the past few years nobody has ever complained about our accommodation. It will be at a hostel or something, very comfortable to ensure you have a good night’s sleep. It’s not tip-top, but its comfortable.”

    Little did they know I was not looking for this reply. I was disappointed. I wanted a homestay experience. I wanted to experience real life with the locals, with the villagers. Don’t we all always emphasize on empathy? How can you empathise when you don’t live with them? I also believe that living with the locals can strengthen more bonds with them, learn more about their culture and so on.

    In the end, I decided Project Everest was really not for me.

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