I cannot breathe. I thought about the last Dim Sum meal I had before coming the Sydney, and how I miss it. I want street food, not just any street food; I want to be transported back to the 1940s era and eat legit street food out in the open, crisp night air.

I want hot porridge.

I think that’s what a stressed-out mind does to you. Heck, 5 consecutive exams + presentation + submissions due next week, I am almost losing my sanity. I am distressed, anxious, overwhelmed, tortured, I am trying very hard to enjoy completing my assignments but it is fucking hard to do so with a deadline.

I need to stay calm, I need to tackle this one at a time, and pace myself. I need to remind myself that God is in control, He placed me here for a reason, I am not going to fail. I need to think of all the Netflix I can binge watch after this, I can dream of going back into the 1940s eating a hot, pot of steaming porridge again.