I finally cleaned my room a few days back and was feeling really accomplished. I’ve been putting off cleaning my room for far too long, due to assignments and school. And when those were over, it was due to pure laziness.


I went to my housemate’s friend’s bridal shower too, about a week ago. My housemate’s African, and to my horror, I was the only Asian in the whole house; and not only that, when I entered I found myself completely surrounded by Africans (yes, black people). Not a single white person was in sight, let alone Chinese or Asians.

They were so friendly, inclusive and fun!!! NEVER have I imagined to hang out so closely with them, if you had told me that I would be put in a room with a bunch of black people other than myself a year ago I would have freaked out. Not only because I haven’t had a real African friend, but because I haven’t even really seen one in real life. At least I’ve talked to white people in Singapore, whether its a woman mending the store or someone across the street. But not blacks. They were like, an exotic species to me.

So when the doors opened and I helped them set up, prepare food and help with the decorations, they were so inclusive and so wild. They danced, they twerked, and most of all they played Khalid on the speakers in full blast over and over again.

They also taught me how to speak African English with a slang! haha, it was so fun. Most of them are really noisy though, halfway through the games I wondered what am I doing there. Amidst the shouting, I couldn’t really hear anyone clearly, and I was hungry. I don’t know why but I don’t think I’ve ever loved food this much as compared to when I was in Singapore. Coming here, food wasn’t always ready for me at the dinner table when I come home, and because food was hard to come by, it made me appreciate it more and jump on every opportunity I can get to eat, or buy food at a cheaper price.

Anyway, I was appalled that they took so long to start eating (I was hungry, but it would seem rude to eat first) but instead went to play drinking games. I downed wine, baileys, and some other pink liquor all before dinner and they made my head spin. I was hungry and didn’t feel like drinking anymore. Thankfully, after about 2 hours of games, we finally started eating. I was starving.


The table setting! It was really pretty. We stayed till about 1am then we left.


The balloons that Karen and I have painstakingly pumped at the shopping mall then put up! Karen’s my housemate’s friend, I’ve only met her but she’s so friendly and nice gosh.

Anyway, I have been hanging out with my housemate so often frequently. That day she drove me around epping and we went to view houses. All the houses were so pretty but the rent’s really expensive + it’s not furnished. T.T why….

House hunting is really stressing me out though. Yin Mei and I have gone out and viewed about 3-4 houses so far, but either the location’s really great + expensive rent, or bad location + cheap rent. And when we finally found a house that’s got both, the hygenie’s really bad and it was manifested with cockroaches. Geez, one of them even got on top of my hat. Gone case man. Yin Mei was so shaken we left shortly after.

I just want house hunting to be over. Finding a job, a house, travel plans, enrolment, all these bullshit…it really stresses me out.

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