New Year Resolutions

  1. To Pray Every Morning 

    This is one of the more spiritual resolutions. In the past, I have done resolutions like read the whole bible in a year thing, but this year’s just a simple one! This was inspired by my friend Samantha. The first thing she does when she wakes up is to pray, even before she gets out of bed. It can be a very quick and simple prayer, just to thank God for the beautiful morning and thank Him, our life-giver, for giving us breath. I want to do it because it will cultivate this idea of thankfulness in me. Whether we like it or not, we do rely on God for our every breath. We cannot control when our bodies will fail us, and the fact that I can still wake up every morning is a blessing to count. Also, this will help me start the day right! Knowing that God has my back whether it will be a good or bad day.

  2. To Greet Myself ‘Good Morning’ in the mirror
    Another one of my morning rituals! The purpose of this is to develop respect for self and charisma. I read somewhere that they say if you do this, you will develop charisma. In 2017 I’ve learnt that charisma and a charming aura is more important than outward beauty. When you live respectfully and cheerfully, your beauty within outshines your appearance.
  3. To Stop Cursing
    I don’t generally curse a lot but I have been tempted to curse this year. Once, I even use vulgarities in front of my parents which was very disappointing for them. I do realise I have a slight distaste for people who curse. Using such strong words discourages people from taking me seriously, and this resolution will be part of my ‘self-care’ package too. I have introduced my own ‘self-care’ ritual ever since I ended a toxic relationship back in 2016. Part of its activities includes spending mini outings alone, volunteering (going on mission trips), and travelling etc.
  4. To Sleep Early and Wake Up Early
    I am generally a morning person. But what troubles me is that if I sleep late, I will wake up in the morning feeling super tired and regretful of the time I slept last night. I want to develop this resolution for my health. I thought of including an ‘exercise once a week’ resolution but I know I will not stick with it haha. So, for now, just eat and sleep healthy. I try to aim to have around 6-8 hours of sleep per day, no more no less. I want to sleep before 12 midnight because that’s the time where our body needs to work and detox. Plus, being an early riser helps me be super productive too!
  5. To Consider Others’ Needs Above My Own
    I put this in because 1) it’s a Christian value 2) I have been challenged many times to do so in 2017, it’s hard to ignore it. I have encountered many selfish people in 2017 that left me with no choice but to give in to their needs (and do so joyfully) because if not I’d be miserable. One example is my travel buddy in Gold Coast. Coming abroad, I have also encountered many selfless people that inspire me and the act of receiving grace and favors makes me feel so much warmth, I want to give it to other people too. Was having a conversation yesterday about this, will blog about it in a separate post soon.
  6. To Read Regularly
    I usually watch more movies and shows than read a book! I love reading, and 2017 was a different year, I read more than usual. My university required me to do lots of readings at a time, every week so it was super tedious; with that, i learnt speed reading and how to read efficiently. Even though I read a lot in 2017, my goal wasn’t reached. I want to read at least a book every month in 2018. Also, reading is so attractive and classy!!
    Books I read in 2017:
    “Man’s search for meaning” by Victor E Frankl
    “How to Fall in Love” by Cecelia Ahern
    “Unbearable Lightness” by Portia de Rossi
    “Unbearable lightness of being” by Milan Kundera
    “Boy meets girl” by Joshua Harris
    “I know why the caged bird sings” by Maya Angelou
    “Animal Farm” by George Orwell (re-read)Only 7 books! My target was to read 12 books. Let’s hope I can do it this year!
  7. My mini bucket list: (Just for fun)
    -Learn driving
    -Get my guzheng diploma
    -Create an MV
    -Get Braces
    -Set up a mini art/design business
    -Consider joining SAF volunteer corps
    -Visit USS Halloween horror nights
    -Learn Malay, Khmer or Cantonese
    -Participate in more design competitions/events
    -Go Solo Backpacking again
    -Get a Tattoo
    -Volunteer in Cambodia
    -Build my portfolio especially on typography (through travelling and working)

Achievements for 2016 & 2017:
-went on my first mission trip
-went parasailing
-went snorkelling
-tried solo backpacking
-swam at a beach for the first time
-first road trip
-visited lots of UNESCO world heritage sites (Blue Mountains, shrines in Japan etc)
-spent six months abroad without my family by my side
-learnt how to cook by myself
-watched lots of good movies and books
-became more firm (no longer swayed by peer pressure)
-not afraid of dining alone/ being alone (i enjoyed my own company)
-never be afraid to ask when in doubt
-got baptised
-participated (and won) a design competition
-felt myself being kinder, wiser and more positive
Relationship with parents improved

That’s about all folks! Let’s press on for 2018 guys ❤

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