In real life,

You caught me on a summer eve
Graduation robes, darting breeze
I only saw you in cyber space,
Glossy eyes now in a gaze.

The most familiar stranger is you alone,
Ever comforting, feels like home.
Over attached, I don’t think so
In a world where everyone’s cold.

All the “Could’ves” and “could’ve beens”,
Now amounted to nothing keen.
Promises to meet with 2 years’ patience,
Became nothing but anticipations.

It’s been a while since I wrote a poem. Back then in 2016, I guess? I rather hurt others than get hurt. So when something goes wrong, I blame myself because it is easier to forgive myself for hurting the person rather than hate the person for hurting me. But poems, gosh, these people always haunt my tragic poems.

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