I feel like a winner

We lay in bed

Your eyes closed

And mine wide open

As I gaze at the ceiling, thinking about all the Lang Leav poems I’ve read

Finally coming true right before my very eyes.

My head spinning in a trance;

Thinking if the universe holds a chance.

I played all the love songs

For the past 3 years, those I’ve sung along

Each felt like a new unfamiliar melody;

That spun the new thread of our destiny.

Your sensual touch,

Lingered at the corner of my eyes

the gentle way you wiped away my tears

Did your heart break for me?

I felt like a winner in design,

because I know every now and then the stars align

it is something I’ve longed for since the beginning of time.

The risks each game bring,

Always complemented a sting.

Waiting for the stars to perfectly align,

is not a risk nor a sign.


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