Taking some time off my morning to reflect on the struggles I faced before coming to Australia, and to remind myself how I pulled through the struggles.


An Instagram post sometime in late 2016:

IMG_2017-01-05 091641.jpg


I remember that day. Dad and I had gone to the dentist for the day. A simple “should I get braces?” question has turned into a big and scary “What are you going to do when you graduate?” question.

See, the link comes when getting braces would require me to stay in Singapore for at least 2.5 years while all I”m thinking about at that time, was how to run overseas. Even if I didn’t make it to Australia, I promised myself I would go on mission trips. I desperately wanted something fulfilling and productive, not the mundane, nor success or knowledge (at that moment).

I wrote in my diary then, “I’m seriously thinking about my future right now. Braces are a commitment…I really need to pray about this.”

I can’t believe how far I’ve come and God has blessed me with the things I wanted.


A short entry in my diary in late 2016:

“Remember that when I left for Hong Kong, I told you that I wanted this trip to be a self-discovery, a getaway?

Well…we hiked up a mountain and spent hours upon hours of reflection. One thing I learned during this trip is that singleness won’t kill you, it can only complete you.

You can’t make another person happy unless you’re complete first. Unless you improve yourself first you’ll have nothing to give to your loved one.

Marriage or a relationship shouldn’t complete you. It should only add to your satisfaction. You should already be complete as a single, that’s the only way you can live happily whether you’re married or not.”

Can’t believe I wrote this when I was 19 hahahha.


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