One of my new year resolution goals (for 2018) is to stay off social media and limit myself to posting at most once a month. I think social media gets dangerous in terms of self-obsession. it is important to look outward and take note of the things, the people around you rather than obsessing about yourself.

And because of that, probably not even throwing a 21st birthday party this year…

I know, it’s so unlike me. People would expect a ‘social butterfly’, an outgoing person like me to throw a pink party in a hotel with cakes and shit, seek attention and post it on Instagram. Yeh, people have joked about it, haha.

I guess I would love a party but I’m on such a tight budget this year…

Besides, as I grow and mature, I realize there are so many more things I want to achieve in life rather than a one-stop, temporary party…

I went to view a potential house for rent a few days back. It’s not that I dislike the current house that I’m staying in now, but because the distance is so far from the station it bores me. It’s sloppy, and it takes 20 minutes from the station to get home. Can you imagine carrying all my groceries + bag + laptop in the winter cold and lugging it all up the hill?

Hence, I went to view houses. I do admit I have the intention to move sometimes, even though it is very cozy here and I am already starting to adjust to the new environment. The new house was renting for $300/week. I bargained it to about $250/week, but I wasn’t satisfied. The rent is still so high. My current rent is $150/week, look at the huge difference! I have a budget of about $200/week. I could save up a lot if I were to continue staying in my current place. The landlady wanted me to make my decision by the following day. I was appalled, I am really sitting on the fence. How am I supposed to decide within 24 hours?!

Called mum, called Nadia because I was caught in a dilemma. My mum has been really supportive lately. In the end, I weighed the pros and cons and came to the conclusion that I should not move. The question boils down to: Is distance more important to you or is price more important to you? I knew I would be paying for the convenience if I did.

After that, I opened my laptop, and noted down some of the solutions I came up with to cope with the distance:

1) Return home earlier and do work at home, so that the walk home will be less dark and less cold.

2) Take a bus that comes right outside my house. The downside of this is that I have to pay for transport and also the bus operates only till 7pm ish.

3) Invest in a bike. This sounds good.

4) Invest in heat packs during the winter.

5) Plan beforehand and buy groceries on Fridays. (On Fridays I usually go for FOCUS meetings, and it helps because my friends drive)

If you seriously think about it, it’s all in the mind. Perspective matters. Long walks home? It helps us exercise. Too much workload? Be thankful for the opportunity to learn. Hassling to plan and budget? It helps me become a better organizer.

I guess there’s always a bright side to things.

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