Violet Evergarden

“A letter can sometimes be short and sweet and still express important feelings.”

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Just finished watching Violet Evergarden. I seldom watch anime nowadays, but I strongly recommend this one not only because it is short, but it is also very pure, light and empathetic. A good one if you feel like you need to get in touch with your human emotions a bit. It’s about the aftermath of war. It’s about empathy. It’s also about a lost love never coming back. The animation was also very nicely done! Although the anime is not set in Japan, it still made me miss Japan very much!!

When Celia recommended it to me, she said, “I think you can relate to ep 10.” At first, I found the starting parts a bit boring, and then ep 8 is where it gets interesting. By ep 9, I already started bawling my eyes out and cried from ep 9-11, three episodes in a row. Omg ep 10 was so sad………felt like ripping my heart out. I had to pause the video halfway because I needed the toilet. then on the way up, and I collapsed to my knees on the stairs and cried so badly you have no idea.

“It helped me realize how special it is to receive a letter.”

“it’s painful for me to see that you only view yourself as a tool”

“-Who is the letter to? -Someone very far away.”

I love how this series cover death, war, kinship, romance, and everything all at once. I love how the notion of letter writing and its value sort of ties everything together. I loved writing letters when I was young. I still love it now. I loved receiving letters as much as I love writing them. I wrote lots of letters to many different people before. I never got a reply. I also never knew how it made them feel. I can only hope it was a good letter, that they felt positive feelings for me. Some of the people whom I wrote letters to still left me disappointed in the end. That made me feel like my letters were useless, that they were discarded, and sometimes, I still doubt the value of letters, although I would love to believe in it.

Due to these insecurities, I never wrote again.

Even if I did, I was careful who I addressed it to.

Violet Evergarden made me feel good because it restored my faith in letters. It believes in the magic of letters. “There is no such thing as a letter that doesn’t deserve to be delivered.” A letter concludes things. It washes out regret. Imagine a person dying, and did not get to say his last words or see his loved ones before he dies? Maybe because the world we live in is so broken, so chaotic, so sinful—that we need letters to help us romanticise things and make endings beautiful, even if it’s a bad ending.

Maybe that’s why I’ve always wanted to write letters. When watching, I suddenly remembered the letters I’ve sent to Celia, to Jenn, to some of my other friends. I knew these letters has impacted them in a good way (because they told me about it). I have forgotten about it before, and instead just believed in those lies the bad experiences told me. I won’t now. I love writing. I will never stop writing. I will not let the bad experiences quench my thirst for letter writing.

It pains me to see you in pain. It pains me to see you paralyzed with fear, it pains me to see you struggle, to know that when you close your eyes, darkness envelopes around you. We live in a broken world. It would not take me very much to know that you are in pain. There is no such thing as a letter that doesn’t deserve to be delivered. I hope that one day, mine would be delivered too.


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